There are no words to describe the level of disgust I feel for the man responsible for killing iconic Cecil the Lion. Bad enough that he spent $55,000 for the “privilege” (seriously, how can you get $55,000 worth of enjoyment from something like that? Buy a sports car or something). But his defence is so weak and pathetic that it makes my blood boil. He’s blaming his guides, because he didn’t know Cecil was a¬†protected well known animal.

What difference does it make whether he was “famous” or not? This is a beautiful creature, living in the wild, roaming with his offspring. He’s not there for sport, or fun. He’s there as part of the circle of life, for us to appreciate and enjoy, and to continue a legacy that future generations can appreciate and enjoy. By killing Cecil this hunter has wiped out a future generation of these majestic animals, as his cubs won’t survive without him.

Cecil the Lion

What kind of coward goes out killing with a bow and arrow? You fancy your chances against a lion – go in there like a man and wrestle it to death. No, thought not. Much better to stand at a distance where you can’t be seen or attacked. Where the animal is defenceless against your sick, greedy, capitalist need for entertainment.

To behead and skin the dead animal is further sickening. Not content with such a barbaric act the hunter wanted to display the spoils of his “hard work” and take a trophy home. Sick, sick, sick.

I read a post by someone from the killer’s home town of Minnesota on Facebook, which said his dental practice was shut as the news broke, the website had been taken down and social media accounts removed. Patients were de-registering in droves. Good. I hope this spells the end of what must have been a very prolific livelihood for the squirming piece of crap. Maybe it will encourage others to think before they get involved in such mindless slaughter.

I bet he’ll wish he still had that $55,000 to live off now.


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