Have you ever bemoaned the lack of interesting t-shirts for women? Or looked at the men’s section and thought “I’d wear that”?

Well, why don’t you? Most men’s t-shirts come in XS now (in fact I spotted XXS on the New Look website) and with the sales currently on it’s a great time to check some out (they also tend to be cheaper than women’s, with both NL and H&M regularly featuring £7.99 men’s t-shirts on their site, and that’s a pre-sale price too).

And with free returns on most websites, there’s nothing to lose.

You can always modify them to suit if needed; I have chopped arms out of men’s tees, rolled up sleeves, cut the hem off for a raw edge if it’s too long. It’s a great way to get something individual. I love a cool tee with leather look trousers or turned up skinny jeans and cool heels. It’s dressed down dressed up-ness, and really easy to do.

Here are my current picks (some of which may be are on their way to me, just to check out, obvs.) None of them are more than £12.99.

New Look (the “wasted head space” and “Tyrannosaurus Wreck” ones are way geekier than I would usually go for, but they appeal to me for some reason!)

New Look stripe t-shirt New Look dinosaur t-shirt New Look record t-shirt New Look head space t-shirt New Look magic eye t-shirt New Look Cali t-shirt  New Look Los Angeles t-shirt New Look Cali t-shirt

H&M – a nautical theme which would look good worn rockabilly with turned up jeans and a bright red bandana in an updo.

G&M anchor t-shirt H&M octopus t-shirt

And this one which is classed as a long t-shirt, which I’m not sure boys should be wearing? But maybe that’s just my age! H&M cross t-shirt


ASOS skull t-shirt ASOS South Cali t-shirt

ASOS San Francisco t-shirt

So much cooler than most women’s t-shirts which say stupid glittery things like “I’m really a unicorn” (apologies to anyone reading who really is a unicorn, and just wants to be acknowledged as such).


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