A Monday Moan

I am sans cheer today – it’s Monday (urgh), I’m tired (my all too common bad Sunday night sleep, urgh), the weather is rubbish (summer, really? URGH) and it’s still ages until hometime (MAJOR URGH).

The weekend, although fun, has flown by waaaay too quickly and I can’t believe I’m already back in work.


So if you’re after positivity this isn’t the place for you!

While I’m feeling fed up and miserable and moany, I’ll get a few things off my chest that have annoyed me over the past week or so.

  • People on the motorway slip road doing 40mph – you’re joining a 70mph road, get up to speed! (I could actually write a whole series of driving relating annoyances, I’m a bit of a road rager)
  • Too much mayo on pre-packed sandwiches. As if everyone likes mayo. Urgh.
  • Voice recognition on customer service telephone numbers. I just want to be silent and press keys, ok?
  • Self service checkouts not registering my purchase correctly. I HAVE NOT removed anything from the bagging area.
  • Rain. I know it’s necessary for growth and life and all that fancy schizz. But it’s crap.

Sorry about that! I can’t even say it’s made me feel better…so I should probably add myself to that list; annoying twit that I am.



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