Twit of the Day award…this chauvinistic idiot…

You’ve probably seen the story about the girl who went on a Tinder date, had a great time, only to receive a message from the bloke after the event telling her that she wasn’t slim enough for him to fall for.

If not you can read it here in Stylist magazine (it’s been covered in a few publications)

There’s so much wrong with this story, and twit is too tame a word to describe the knobhead bloke in question, but what with me being a lady (guffaw), and the fact that I was building something of a “twit series” (here, here, hereΒ and here) that’s the word I’ll go with.

He’s a twit (spelling mistake, I’m using the wrong vowel) for more than one reason.

a) because he’s viewing her from a purely physical point of view
b) because he admits he had a great time, yet is willing to deprive himself of more good times because she doesn’t fit his aesthetic
c) because he had the gall to tell her what he thinks
d) because he put it in writing, therefore asking to be publicly shamed
e) because he thinks that his opinion will make her change to suit him

My biggest problem with it all, apart from all of it, is the last one. That he probably thought he could get her to change to suit him. Just because it suited him. That she would want to be with an opinionated, small minded, egotistical, big headed TW*T enough to change her lifestyle and looks. For him.

Or, even if not to be with him, then he thought his opinion mattered enough to embarrass and shock her into taking action. He makes it sound like he’s doing her a favour.

Where does he get off?

But, what’s really sad, is that there are women out there who would do that. Women who want to be loved and accepted, and would believe that their weight is getting in the way. That sucks.

If you’re unhappy with your appearance and want to change then all power to you. But they key is YOU. If YOU’RE unhappy. Not your family. Not your friends. Certainly not some jerk you’ve been on one date with.

I love Michelle’s response, which you can read in full on her blog. The very best bit, for me, is her PPS at the end.

“You’re not 5’11”

Roughly translates to “f*ck you, you piece of crap”.

Bravo Michelle.


4 thoughts on “Twit of the Day award…this chauvinistic idiot…

  1. poipoi1600 says:

    I agree with much of what you say… but I’ve heard many women who go on dates with short men and say that although they really enjoyed the guy, they just need someone taller. Would you say this is equally wrong?

    I just ask because majority of time, people will defend the woman saying she is allowed to have a physical preference. Plus i noticed in the letter, she uses the phrase “small unhappy man” and then reminds him that he’s not 5’11. In my opinion, if beauty really comes in all shapes and sizes, it should be equally wrong to shame a woman for her weight as it is to shame a man for his height, or something else beyond that person’s control.

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    • This, tatt and the other says:

      I see where you’re coming from, but I would say her references to his height are just a comeback as to how he made her feel.

      It’s not that he thinks these things that’s the problem. As you say, he’s well within his rights to not find her physically attractive. It’s the fact that he told her. That he tried to shame her. That’s unacceptable. He could have just said there was no spark.

      You can’t make yourself fancy someone if you don’t. But equally you can’t make them feel bad about your own personal preferences.


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