I have blogged before about my love of Matalan and how its full of hidden gems you don’t see everywhere. It would seem they’re going up in the world, having just opened a store on Oxford Street no less. I’m not aware of them having a High Street presence anywhere, certainly not near me, as most of their stores tend to be big spaces on retail parks, so this is a departure for them. It’s very useful in increasing their London-centric custom though, because for those Londoners without a car it’s previously been inaccessible. And, although they offer free home delivery, you can only return to store if something’s not right.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of months since I bought anything from Matalan (big wow!) but I was alerted to a fabulous bag by blogger A Little Twist Of via Twitter and off I went to have a look.

This is the bag.

Matalan hello goodbye clutch bag


Matalan hello goodbye clutch bag

I love it. But (eek!) I’m not sure if I will get much use out of it! It’s on the large side for a clutch, I have other black clutches, and the hardware is gold. I have a real thing about gold hardware. Admittedly there isn’t much hardware on this bag, and it’s a subtle gold (rather than in your face yellow) but it’s still there. Now this only cost £9.60 with a discount (£12 full price) so it seems churlish to umm and aah BUT I’m trying really hard to think more about my purchases and only keep stuff I really really love (and will use) in order to keep my wardrobe space and my bank account more in order so I should probably return this.

I’m on the fence.

Oh, and it also comes in white, which Is also very cool, but also has gold hardware. WHHHHHYYYY? Silver goes so much better with white.

So, while I was looking for the bag, and to boost my order value for free delivery, and just because I like seeing what’s new, I had a peruse. And I found this top.

Matalan patterned back detail top Matalan patterned back detail top

Which I liked so much that I also ordered it in red.

Matalan red back detail top

When they arrived they’re slightly different fabric – the patterned one is stiffer while the red is crinkly cheesecloth. And you can’t wear a bra with them, because they’re so low at the back. But I have some of those funny little stick on cup things somewhere – the ones that you hope your partner will never ever see you in when you get undressed because they’re so ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as the idea of not buying the top. You know?

And also, in my ongoing quest for something crochet-ish with a hippy-ish festival-ish boho-ish twist (which I go on every year and haven’t yet scratched the itch) I found this lightweight tassled cream top.

Matalan crochet fringed top

And it’s lovely. It needs a layer underneath it, but that’s fine – a black thin strap vest or bandeau top will be perfect. An immediate entry into my Download packing. All good.

Finally, I ordered this kimono (mine is cream, but not on the site for some reason ). It might be slightly more bed jacket than kimono, but let’s not get caught up in the detail. It does crease, so there’s a very real chance I’ll never wear it again after the first wash (I don’t do ironing, I buy stuff that doesn’t need it!) But it’s super easy to wear with skinnies or denim shorts.

Crochet edge kimono

Having ordered multiple sizes in everything, (avoids disappointment I find) I popped back to my local Matalan to return the stuff that didn’t fit. And I spied some shoes! Low and behold I also had a voucher for 25% off in store, making them a rather palatable £15. They’re not currently on the website, but here’s a pic taken in my lounge.

Matalan brown platform sandals

They’re super comfy – the platform sole offsets the height of the heel so it’s not like walking in high heels at all.

Ooh, I do love a good mini spree! And there’s heaps more nice stuff there too. I won’t rule out another cheeky order soon.


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