Digbeth Dining Club – Low ‘n’ Slow and Canoodle review

On Friday evening we made a last minute decision to head to Digbeth Dining Club for food and drinks. It’s been a couple of months since we were last there and there were some vendors we hadn’t tried before, so off we popped into the sunshine armed with hungry tummies!


Low ‘n’ Slow’s offerings are all based around slow cooked barbecue meat. Brisket cooked for 24 hours, baby back ribs, the most tender pulled pork – this guy knows his meat. He’s also made “baconaise” a thing – triple oak smoked bacon mayonnaise which is used as a dressing on burgers. I mean, I don’t even like mayonnaise, but I would bathe in that stuff.

We headed straight to the Low ‘n’ Slow area and ordered. Husband went for a chilli beef brisket burger; I tried to get a picture but he was too quick for me. Judging from the looks on his face and the yummy noises he was making, it was very good! (he confirmed as much afterwards).

I ordered pig cheek tacos.


Delish! Tender juicy smoked meat with spicy sauce and fresh tomatoes, served up on fresh soft tacos. I’ve never had pig cheek before but I’d definitely have it again. Such a lovely texture, a firmness that melts in the mouth, and a sweetness from the dressing.

Next stop was Canoodle. Their pan Asian menu was one of the reasons I wanted to go on Friday night. Unable to decide what I wanted, I coerced husband into having one thing and me having another so I got the best of both worlds! He ordered Malaysian Beef Rendang with soured mango, and I had Chilli Pepper Squid with Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Both dishes were served with steamed jasmine rice and pickled vegetables. The rice alone was fragrant and delicious, I’d have eaten a plate of it with no sauce! We both expressed concern about the pickled vegetables before we tried them, but their sharp crunch were a perfect foil to the spicy falvours of both dishes.

Malaysian Beef Rendang was a delight – thick rich sauce with tender chunks of beef; loads of meat and really really tasty.


Chilli Pepper Squid was amazing. The thickest most succulent pieces of squid I’ve ever seen (or eaten) in a light batter, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. Squid can be very hit and miss, and if not cooked well can resemble tyre rubber, but this was a joy.


And then, something terrible happened. We were both full up! No room for even another dish between us. Gutted! I had hoped to have a burrito from Habanero Caf̩, and then also spotted a new vendor РLa Grande Viande Рwho had the most tantalising sounding lamb dishes, but stomach said no.


Also on site were Spectacular Goat pizzas and Delizie Italiane.

20150619_201813   20150619_201759

Only one thing for it – go back again soon. How terrible for us!


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