A hearty and healthy weekend breakfast or brunch

I always refer to this as an omelette, although it isn’t really because the cooking method is different. I suppose, technically, it’s more of a frittata. But who cares what it’s called as long as it tastes great?!

The basis of the recipe is always two eggs per person and then you can really add what you want. It’s a great way to use up leftovers.

Whisk two eggs in a bowl.


Chop your choice of fillings fairly small – I used spring onion, cherry tomatoes and a mix of white and chestnut mushrooms.


Add them to the whisked egg, mix in, and season.


Heat a small amount of oil in a pan. I use a small frying pan/omelette pan so the finished result is nice and thick. If you use a standard frying pan you will get a thinner finish.


Pour the mixture into the pan and spread it out evenly.


The next bit is just a judgement call really – keep an eye on it until the egg looks like its starting to cook through.

At this point I add cheese, althoughย you can put it right into the mixture at the beginning if you prefer. I sliced up a low fat babybel.


To cook the top it’s easiest to just slide the omelette (I know I said it isn’t really an omelette, but I don’t know what else to call it, ok?!) onto a plate, then hold the pan over the top and flip it back in, uncooked side down.



Cook for about a minute, just to set the egg, then fold and serve. Just look at that gooey cheese!


I usually eat mine with a spicy ketchup for a bit of a kick – Heinz jalapeno sauce is delish. But it’s really just down to personal choice.

As for fillings, again use what you like. Ham works well, or you could use chopped up cooked sausage. Peppers for a bit of a Mexican spin. Spinach adds nutrients.

This also makesย a great lunch or light dinner – just add a green salad or fries. You could use a different set of fillings like chopped chicken, sweetcorn, red onion, fresh chillies, even chopped up cooked potato.



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