The rise and fall (and rise again?) of Primark

Like a lot of people, my early love affair with Primark has waned considerably. There was a time when I was afraid to go in because I knew I would buy so much. It was all so cheap and the stock changed so quickly and there was always something that was worthy of a look (and usually a purchase).

Then it seemed to go downhill. Prices went up and quality went down. Way down. Wonky hems, thin fabrics, tacky prints and general rubbish-ness. Stuff that couldn’t even be justified by “it’s ok for the money”. Because, pricewise, it didn’t seem that cheap anymore. H&M had much better stuff for similar (or lower) prices.

And none of this was helped by the fact that Primark in Birmingham Is such a jumble sale. God awful space with clothes all over the floor, messy rails, horrible changing rooms. Just vile.

I had, in my head, declared myself done with the whole shebang. And I stuck to it really well…at least until the next time I passed a Primark (in my defence I was looking for sunglasses, and because I’m such a klutz and also a cheapskate I only ever buy mega cheap sunnies). So I went in to do my annual stock up on aviators and it would have been downright rude to not have a little mooch around.

Maybe it’s because it was a nicer Primark – tidy, well lit, spacious; everything that Birmingham isn’t. Maybe it’s because it was a grey rainy day outside and I was seduced by summer clothes. Whatever it was, I was impressed! Lots of festival looks, bright colours and boho vibes.

Primark ra-ra dress

Primark print skirt

Primark fringed bags

Primark fringed waistcoats

Primark print dress

Primark necklaces

Primark boho dress

Primark teal and yellow

So, what did I buy?

Some pretty undies.

Primark underwear set

An optimistic amount of sunglasses! (I only ever buy cheapies as I have a habit of sitting on / scratching losing them).

Primark sunglasses

Primark sunglasses

A jewellery hanger, false eyelashes (which I’m rubbish at, but I have a plan) and a set of midi rings

Primark jewellery holder / false eyelashes / midi rings

The rings are especially pretty.

Primark ring set

And, finally, what I thought was an unseasonal but fateful jumper purchase (last one, my size, half price) but, based on today’s weather, I could totally be wearing now.

Primark fluffy spotty jumper

Quite restrained actually; in part because I was too lazy to take my tights off and try things on properly (it had been a long day and my shoes were awkward to take on and off as well), although I would have made an exception for the cute ra-ra dress in the fist image, if they’d had my size.


2 thoughts on “The rise and fall (and rise again?) of Primark

  1. tinkerbellpostdisney says:

    I totally agree with you! Primark can be such a pain to browse as they’re such messy stores most of the time! Plus the ever increasing price tag for stuff that a lot of the time just isn’t good quality! Just every now and again you can find a gem though! Love those fringed bags! Great read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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