Makeup review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

Oh – the pleasure / pain of a new mascara! Dramatic eh?! But oh so true! When you get a shiny new mascara you tend to realise how dried out and past it’s best your previous one was (just me then…) And, more importantly, how wet a new one is! I’ve been using this new (to me – I think it’s been on the market for a while) Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara for 3 weeks, and still I manage to get spider eyelids and smudgy bits (perhaps says more about me than the mascara).


I really like this mascara (that bit should probably be at the end – it kind of sums up the whole review). But here’s why I like it.

Aesthetically, I like the tube. It’s a good tube. Angular so its easy to hold and doesn’t slip out of your hand. Good colour. It’s easy to spot in my make up bag as there’s nothing else that colour in there.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

The brush is made of small rubbery fibres rather than a brush brush. Ever since I first came across the comb style applicators a few years back, I haven’t gone back to a brush, You just don’t get the same coverage. This brush easily wriggles right down to the roots of your eyelashes and gives good smooth coverage all along the lash.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara brush

And the colour. Yes it’s black. But it’s a good black. Very black. Not wishy washy black.

Now, the mascara contains “Grow Lash Complex + Fibres”. I don’t know what that means, but it seems to suggest your eyelashes are going to look bloomin’ great when you use it. That they’re going to be longer than with other mascaras. And whilst I don’t have any actual evidence (how do you measure your lashes? Is there an eyelash ruler I’ve missed out on?) they’re certainly looking better than in a while. I’ve always had good eyelashes (not a CV worthy statement I know, but still a boon to one’s appearance) but recently they’ve been looking a bit weedy and rubbish. Some shorter than others and a little bit sparse. But this mascara has done great things for them.

Eye wihout.Eye with

I also find it doesn’t smudge, flake or end up in a pool under my eyes by the end of the day.

To bring this full circle, I really like this mascara (didn’t I say that a few paragraphs of waffle ago?) And yes I would repurchase. Especially if I can sneak it onto the weekly shopping bill when I’m whizzing round Sainsbury’s (I didn’t do that, husband, if you’re reading).

It retails for around £8 in the usual High Street places.

(and also, how freaky is it seeing my eye close up like that?!)


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  1. Grateful Geek says:

    Have you heard of this 3D fiber mascara from Younique? I’m totally in love! The fibers are 100% black green tea fibers and you use it with their gel. It is $29 (23 in the UK), but it gives you the volume and length plus it has totally eliminated my need for a curler (no joke check out my blog and video here: Plus it lasts you 3+ months and comes with a smashing case! This stuff is awesome (and if it doesn’t work out you can get a full refund no questions if returned within 14 days, 80% refund after 30-90 days)!


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