All this sunny weather and feet prettifying is making me think about sandals (although do note, good people of Birmingham and beyond, that just because the sun shines it IS NOT summer, and the unusual yellow thing in the sky does not mean you should be wearing shorts and vests. Be patient, your time will come).

New Look seem to be quickest off the block of my usual suspects, with a veritable smorgasboard of sandal action.

Starting with animal print (because that’s always a good place to start), these are £24.99 each. Now I already have both zebra and leopard sandals, but they are looking a little tired, hmm…. Personally I wouldn’t pay that price for sandals (because I’m a cheapskate) but NL often have a discount code knocking around.

New Look zebra £24.99New Look leopard £24.99

Fringed, at £27.99 each – the lighter ones are spoilt (for me) by the colour of the studs

New look brown fringed - £27.99 New look black leather fringed - £27.99

These probably aren’t for every day (but then again, why not) and perhaps a bit too dainty for me, but they’re very pretty, especially the coral, at a more palletable £17.99 each.

New Look gem embellised £17.99 New Look gem 3 - £17.99 New Look gem 2 - £17.99

Again slightly dressier, trimmed with pearls, £22.99.

New look pearl £22.99

I like the hippy vibe of these; I’d probably go for the white and bright coloured ones, £24.99 each.

New Look 2 £24.99 New Look £24.99

Again very dainty, and probably not offering a lot of support, but a great price of £12.99 (leather too) and I love these colours (they also come in gold, white and pale tan).

New Look Leather plaited 3 - £12.99 New Look Leather plaited - £12.99 New Look Leather plaited 2 - £12.99

I’d be all over these, if only the trim was silver instead of gold (£24.99)

New look disk sandalds - £24.99

And finishing with my probably favourites, as I’m a fan of a more substantial chunky sandal to wear with summer dresses, and especially ankle detail.

These hippie beauties, at £34.99, cough splutter.

New look cuff - £34.99

Lace up, £22.99, offering slightly more coverage for less sunny days.

New Look lace up - £22.99

T-bar ankle strap, £15.99

New Look black t-bar £15.99

Roman gladiator, with leg laces, £22.99

New Look Black leather caged £22.99 New Look Black leather caged 2 £22.99

Traditional gladiator style with added suede tassel detail (the perfect match for my suede bag), AND silver hardware, hurrah! £29.99

New look suede tassel - £29.99

It’s slightly too early to be buying any yet, not knowing what my other fave stores will come up with, but I can definitely see the last pair as part of my summer wardrobe (and I’ve just remembered a New Look gift card I have, yay!)


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