I’m a 100% shower girl. I never have baths. Very very rarely, if I’m in a hotel and feeling indulgent then I might, but generally I think the idea is better than the reality. Getting the water to the right temperature is a faff, and then it goes cold, and it’s difficult to wash your hair because the bath is too short to fit legs body and head, plus you can’t rinse shampoo suds and conditioner off all in the same water. As I said…faff.

When it comes to shower gel I don’t believe in paying big money for something that, essentially, gets washed down the plug hole. Maybe I’ve never tried the right quality or the right brand, but to me shower gel is for feeling clean and smelling nice. If I want soft skin I’ll use moisturiser. There’s no substitute for body moisturiser anyway, so you can’t substitute it.

Anyway, I digress. I’m something of a fragrance whore when it comes to shower gel. I love a good smell. So I’ll flit between Nivea Happy Time (orangey), Free Time (star fruit, very zingy), Coconut Crème (does what it says on the tin…well, plastic bottle) and Harmony Time (rose scented).

Nivea happy time Nivea free time

Nivea coconut Nivea Harmony time

I generally pick them up from Poundland, where they cost (d’oh) one pound each, or from the supermarket during the weekly shop when they’re often even cheaper.

I’m also a fan of Original Source, and will sometimes buy them when they’re on special offer. My first OS experience was with Mint and Teatree. which is refreshing but can be a bit too “oooh” round the nethers! And it leaves underarms feeling weirdly cool. Not one for everyday use (for me, anyway).

Original source mint

Vanilla milk and raspberry is nice and creamy, but not quite smelly enough for me. And chocoloate mint is just odd. Smearing brown goo on your body to get clean doesn’t feel or look right. It’s more of a novelty shower gel.

Original sauce vanilla milk and raspberry Original chocolate

Most recently, while browsing in Bodycare (which I’ve only just really discovered in terms of value – it’s soooo much cheaper than Boots) I found these. Never heard of the brand, and even Google doesn’t throw much light on it, but apparently you can buy them in Iceland?! (the food retailer, rather than the Northern cold country). But you know what, they’re fab. They smell delicious, they come in the 500ml bottles (twice the side of the Nivea ones) and cost just 99 pence.


The mango and papaya one is actually the second bottle, and the only one I’ve tried in the shower (I like it that much). The lid is missing because my husband pulled it off in frustration because he finds a bog standard flip lid difficult to use (much rolling of eyes).


I’m especially looking forward to trying the cherry and wild fig one, it’s a rather grown up smell.


And the raspberry and pomegranate looks good enough to drink!


The range also comes in vanilla and macadamia, and coconut and honey. A Google search also reveals a lime and grapefruit flavour. Now that I would be all over! (or it would be all over me).


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  1. I’ve got the creightons macadamia and vanilla shower gel. It is absolutely divine!
    Apparently creightons does body butters as well (same yummy scents as the shower gels), but I have yet to find these.


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