There can be a lot of snobbery in cooking – leaving you feeling like you have to use multiple ingredients, spend ages preparing and then use a combination of baking, roasting, blending, fancy presentation and magazine quality photography to display it at its best.

As mentioned previously, I’m a healthy cook, mainly due to guilt about high calorie ingredients. Couple that with time constraints during the working week and anything that makes my life easier while enabling us to eat well is very welcome.

I usually make a stir fry once a week; often on a Monday as all the healthy veg help us to recover from the excesses of the weekend. Today I went for the super quick option, using a pre-packed bag of veg (2 of your 5 a day per half bag). I used to use stir fry sauces for flavour, but they’re full of sugar and empty calories so these days I stick to flavoured oil and soy sauce (not too much, due to high salt content)



I also used the convenient option of dried seasoning.


To start, a splash of Chinese stirfry oil heated in a wok, and veg (a mix of Chinese leaf, beansprouts, carrot, sweetcorn and a bit of red pepper)

20150414_193037 20150414_193212

I bulked it up with some extra mushrooms and more red pepper.



Splashed in soy sauce and sprinkled in spices. Fresh chillies work well, but I forgot to buy them this week, so crushed were a fine alternative. I also added dried garlic pepper – a mix of black pepper and garlic granules – which is a new find for me, because, to be honest, I couldnt be bothered with prepping fresh garlic!


To mix it up, instead of the usual salmon or chicken, I used prawns and mussels. The prawns were frozen, defrosted before use, and the mussels were fresh and already pre-shelled. Both low fat and excellent forms of protein, as well as quick to heat through and flavoursome with the mix of vegetables and spices.



Ensure the seafood is heated through, add some more chilli and garlic pepper for a kick, and it’s ready to be eaten. I added a sprinkle of sesame seeds for texture and flavour.



From prep to plate in less than 15 minutes – what’s not to like?!


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