Bar review – One Trick Pony Club, Moseley Birmingham

Moseley is a suburb just outside of Birmingham with lots of restaurants and bars. Its always been fairly bohemian and cool, and has plenty of individual retailers, standalone coffee houses and eclectic cuisines. Unfortunately, on Friday and Saturday nights it can attract the pub crawl crowd due to the proliferation of bars in a small area, but outside of those times it has a lovely laid back atmosphere and plenty to choose from on the food and drink front.

I’m not sure where the time has gone, but 3 whole weeks ago today, on the first day of my redundancy, we popped out with the intention of having a late lunch.

One Trick Pony Club is the newest addition to Moseley. Previously O’Neills, it used to attract the football and cheap beer crowd but its had a superb makeover and is now home to Ruby Jeans Diner food. The interior is fab; lots of wood and exposed brick and industrial features and great lighting.



20150412_160050  20150412_162846 20150412_155223

We accidentally stumbled into the opening night back in January where the proprietors were offering free food and drink (what’s not to like about that?!) My husband was especially excited about the arrival of One Trick Pony Club as their menu comprises mainly burgers (his fave), with some unusual combinations (monster munch and emmental cheese anyone?) as well as a build your own option. And we have also eaten there on one other occasion, to further test the quality. Sad to say, it didn’t live up to the hype. Too much bread, not enough meat was our first comment. Burgers were overcooked and not juicy enough, They didn’t taste like the gourmet offering we had expected (and should have been served for the price). And so we haven’t eaten there since.

But it’s a great bar for drinks. And so we settled into the comfy sofas at the front of the bar, and had some drinks. And then some more drinks. And we looked at the menu, willing ourselves to like it because we were cosy and happy. But it just didn’t tick the boxes. The alternatives of fried chicken, ribs or mac ‘n’ cheese – all good American diner offerings – weren’t what we desired. So we ordered some nachos which would tide us over whilst we decided where else to eat.

Well. There are two nacho options – one at £5.75 (standard) and one at £9.25 (grande, loaded with chilli). For an extra £3.50 purely for chilli you’d expect a whole heap of it, right? And loads of nachos? Wrong! We were served a piddly little basket with maybe two spoonfuls of chilli. Poor show.


This is a cool looking bar with great décor and some unusual features (the lighting is especially well done) but it massively lets itself down on food offerings, and at £11.25 for a pint and large glass of wine, it’s pretty pricy for drinks too.


Not willing to write the place off (because we love Moseley) and wanting something sweet after Sunday lunch yesterday, we popped in for dessert. OMG! Salted caramel chocolate cheesecake. If you look closely you can see the sea salt sprinkled on the top. The dollop of whipped cream was smooth and the drizzled chocolate sauce was sweet. The cheesecake. Well. Words fail me.


Suffice to say I will return for the cheesecake alone. And a cheeky drink, of course.


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