Throw some light on the matter

I’m looking to decorate my hall and will therefore need new accessories, obvs. As much as I say this tongue in cheek, because who doesn’t like buying new stuff, I do actually need a new lamp.

In true me style, this lamp must be a bit different, and not cost the earth. Because, like, going out and holidays and stuff!

This is my current hall lamp.

Current Ikea £39

It’s from Ikea and it started off life in our lounge. Then last year I replaced it and thus relegated it to the hall. It’s still a cool lamp, but it’s been around for 8 years now, since we moved in, and it’s looking a little tired. Plus it doesn’t throw out enough light in our narrow enclosed hall. It’s still available from Ikea, for £39.

Here are my picks after a quick mooch round online.

This one is my favourite, from George at Asda. The metalwork looks black on this pic, but it’s actually chrome. £15.

Glass globe lamp £15

Also from Asda:

Letter A lamp (£30) – shame they don’t do this in other letters./ Black and silver lava lamp (£14) – I’ve never seen this colour combination so may just have to buy it for somewhere else because it’s so cool.

A lamp £30 Lava lamp £14

Lightbulb lamp (£20) – quirky style, although the wood base wouldn’t work with my décor / mosaic base (£20) – this would probably give off unusual patterns where the light is reflected on the mirror pieces.

Lightbulb lamp £20 Mosaic lamp £20

Moving onto Tesco Direct

Frosted globes in blue and purple (£19.99 each) – probably wouldn’t throw out much light but great for a pop of colour

Tesco blue frosted £19.99 Tesco purple £19.99

Silver sculpture (£19.99) – doubling up as an ornament during it’s “off” days / white retro spotlight (£17.99) – there’s something futuristic and robotic about this that I like.

Tesco silver sculpture £19.99 Tesco spotlight £17.99

New York skyline shades (£17.99 each) – quite chic and unusual; be interesting to se the shadows from the printed shades.

Tesco NY £17.99 tesco NY 2 £17.99

Now on to Ikea, where pickings are thinner on the ground then I expected.

More coloured balls, fnar (£13 each)

Ikea plum £13 Ikea turquoise £13

Glass vase style in olive green (£13) – wouldn’t throw out enough light, and white frosted (a bargainous £7) – this could be a contender for a nice bright corner

ikea olive green £13 Ikea white £7

Dunelm Mill have some nice offerings.

Crystal hanging ball (£24.99) / rattan hanging ball (£29.99)

Dunelm - £24.99 Dunelm ball - £29.99

Lantern (reduced to £13.99) / antler base (£19.99) – I’m especially fond of this one.

Dunelm lantern - £13.99 Dunelm antler - £19.99

“Urchin” (£14.99) / black spotlight (£19.99)

Dunelm urchin - £14.99 Dunelm headlight - £19.99

And, finally, the good old High Street stalwart, Argos, with 25% off at present.

Sculpture (£13.49) – another ornament as well as being practical / hanging shade (£18.74) – simple but chic

Argos £13.49 Argos 2 - £18.74

Touch lamp “mushroom” (£18.74) – this reminds me of a buzzer on a gameshow / touch lamp bulb (£18.74) – quirky styling.

Argos touch - £18.74 Argos tough bulb - £18.74

As usual I have quite overwhelmed myself, and think I definitely need more than one lamp for more than one room…


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