Particularly my own.

Most people’s looks will change as they get older; not purely physical appearance, but how they choose to dress.

Unless you’re Kate Moss who has been oozing cool since forever.

Kate Moss 2 Kate Moss 3 Kate Moss

My style has changed considerably over the years. Contributing factors include age, social life, peer group, music, lifestyle. Body shape! I certainly couldn’t go out with mid section showing now like I did when I was 18. I used to be quite a girly girl, into being glam. Slinky dresses that showed off plenty of leg, high heels, done hair. That was a time and place thing – I was into dance music and dance clubs and a lot of it was about being seen. Urgh. How cheesy.

That said, I’ve never been overly high maintenance. I don’t have the patience for fake tan, the steady hand for false eyelashes or the right type of lips for a huge pout.

There was something quite sad about the time I realised I didn’t have much call for glam going out clothes anymore. That my social life had changed and evolved.  Seeing a lovely dress on sale but concluding that there was no point in buying it as it just didn’t fit my lifestyle. But it also came with a transition into a different musical era, when I started going to live gigs and seeing rock bands. That’s getting glam in a different kind of way.

And then there’s work clothes. When I started my first job I used to wear cute fitted jackets and A-line mini skirts from Topshop and Miss Selfridge. Later it would be jumpers and pencil skirts. Always with heels. Most recently I’ve been wearing short sleeved loose shift dresses, jersey midi skirts and high ankle boots. Less tailored and more me, but still with a hint of corporate. I was known in the office for my shoes, which changed height/colour/style daily. My new job will be strange as the dress code is very laid back, so my new blue suede platform peeptoe heels – which I bought for summer office wear – will look way OTT.

Blue heels

And while I believe in dressing for yourself not other people, I don’t want to be singled out as the new girl who fancies herself when the rest of the office are in jeans and t-shirts. Its a quandary.

Personally, for me, I find it hard to be 100% true to one style all the time. I love cool rock chick styling, and obviously my tattoos portray that image, then I’ll see a bronzed surfer chick and that catches my eye, or a retro 60s look and I want to try that. Style chameleon.

Here are some of my current favourite looks.

For now:

Style 1 Style 9 Style 10 Style 11


For spring:

Style 3 Style 4 Style 6

Spring 1Spring 2 Spring 4

For summer:

Summer 2 Summer 3 Style 7

Summer Spring 3

And just because (so freaking cool!)

Style 8


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