Cool Jewels

I’m a big fan of jewellery – it can make or break an outfit. More specifically I’m a big fan of statement jewellery. Loud, in your face, unusual and quirky. I don’t do subtle and I don’t do expensive.

The High Street is a great source of cool jewels at a good price. But even some of the main stores can go OTT on price for something that is, essentially, a transient piece. Not necessarily because you’ll get fed up of it, but because the quality will fail at some point. Water, soap, perfume and even natural body oils will contribute to the deterioration of costume jewellery, stripping the metal colouring. Studs and rhinestones will come loose and fall out. So buy cheap and enjoy!

I don’t wear gold, gold coloured or brass jewellery. I’ve been purely a silver/white gold girl for a loooong time, and I don’t like mixing metals.

Here are some of my current faves.

Bird ring from H&M – £5.99

Bird ringBird ring 2

Set of 6 double rings from H&M – £3.99 (these come in different sizes so you can wear them as midi rings, which I’ve been obsessed by ever since Phoebe in Friends)

Silver rings

Double rings with chain from H&M (ages old, can’t remember price but around £3)


Poundland launched their range of own brand jewellery – Purple Ivy – fairly  recently, and I’ve picked up a couple of bits from there.

Stag head ring from Poundland – £1

20150327_071650 20150327_071705

Stackable diamante rings (set of 3) from Poundland – £1

3 rings 20150327_071440 20150327_071108

Moving on to Primark – I bought these ages ago. They’re adjustable, so can be worn as midi rings too.

Initial rings from Primark – £1.99 each


This one reminds me of a Russian Doll!

New Look – can’t remember price (less than a fiver)


This is my newest addition.

Double chain harness ring from Boohoo – £3

20150327_080305 Daisy ring

And now for my favourite and most bargainous source of jewellery – Ebay. There are many sellers in the Far East who are listing jewellery for pennies with free postage, and you’d be justified in thinking it would be rubbish. Not so. Comparable in quality to most things on the High Street you can pick up some really unusual pieces at total steal. Shipping usually takes around 10 days (although can be longer) but it’s worth the wait. Alternatively, if you’re wary or need something more quickly, there are UK sellers with great bargains too.

Coin necklace via ebay – approx. £5

Coin necklace

Stag head necklace via ebay – approx. £3 from the Far East (UK sellers are listing them for more)

Staghead necklace

Skeleton cameo pendant via ebay – approx. £3

Skeleton cameo<

Love/Hate double ring via ebay – approx. £5

Love hate ring 2 Love hate ring

Heart shaped nipple bar via ebay from China – £1.49 for 2!

Nipple bar

And here are some pieces I’ve received as gifts, so I don’t know the source or cost, but I do know that I love them.

Black acrylic ring

20150327_071418  20150327_071249

 Floral skull pendant20150327_075512

Turquoise cuff and turquoise snake bangle

20150327_071723 20150327_071809 Turquoise jewellery

I can feel an ebay spree coming on…


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