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Bad beauty habits (aka being lazy)

I read beauty blogs and twitter feeds that are full of gorgeously groomed and put together ladies and I wonder how they do it! Maybe I’m just not cut out for it (which sounds better than being lazy). I thought I’d share my bad habits (and maybe shame myself into being a better person…doubtful!)

Bad beauty habits

Eyebrow pencil
I leave my eyebrow pencil as long as possible between sharpening it – it’s usually flat before I get round to it. At the moment it’s because I can’t find my pencil sharpener. I need to buy a new one.

Plucking my eyebrows
God. this is such a chore and so I end up leaving it longer than I should which makes it even more of a chore! I don’t know why, because I hate hate HATE unruly eyebrows. I just always seem to get distracted and then realise that shit, I really need to tame those beasts! I should build it into my daily makeup routine really.

Cutting my toenails
I clip my toenails quite short. I can’t stand them long. My big toe nails especially seem to itch underneath?! They’re not disgustingly short; certainly still long enough to paint and wear open toe shoes. But my Mom always tells me off.

Intermittent body moisturising
It seems such a faff to moisturise after every shower; plus the time that’s needed for it to dry properly before you put your clothes on. I got into the habit of using Nivea in shower moisturiser last summer, but then that novelty wore off. I recently bought some Vaseline spray moisturiser, but still haven’t got into an every day routine.

Fake tanning
It doesn’t help that I’m rubbish at tan; even the gradual build up ones. I feel so much better when I’ve got some colour and every time I do get round to it I promise myself that I’ll keep it up. But I don’t. And then I regret it. But not enough to do anything about it, evidently.

Poor skincare routine
I’m very lucky to have good skin, I know I’m lucky. My only routine, if you can even call it that, is cleaning my face every morning, with face wipes. I use serum some days (I haven’t this week because it’s still in my case from holiday – more laziness, I’m not fully unpacked!). I don’t get my make up off before bed. I don’t deep clean or exfoliate, or tone or regularly moisturise. Having said that I don’t wear heaps of make up (I only use a light base like a BB cream, never a full foundation) so it’s not like there’s much to take off. And at weekends I quite often wear none. As I said I’m lucky. It also works for me so I don’t want to upset the proverbial apple cart! I tried a facial cleansing brush last year and ended up with a complexion like a loofah. So I figure I should just stick with what I know until I need to do something else.

Getting one more day from my hair before I wash it
Dry shampoo is my friend! I hate washing my hair. Actually that’s a lie. Love washing it, hate drying it. It’s not been such a burden while it’s been shorter, but when it was long it was such a drag. And will be again, I’m sure. It’s awesome when I’m somewhere hot and I can wash it, have a little siesta and leave it to dry naturally. Even though I end up with some wild woman of Borneo curls. Everything is ok on holiday. If I leave it to dry naturally at home it takes about 3 days and goes like cotton wool. Not ok.

Chipping my nail varnish off
Rather than remove my nail varnish properly I usually pick and peel at it once it starts to chip. Or, worse still, I leave it to wear off until it’s just a patch of stripy bits on each nail. It’s not on purpose. I just seem to forget or get distracted.

Aside from that, there’s the oodles of lotions, potions and tools of the trade that I’ve bought with the intention of making my life infinitely better but now languish somewhere (in some cases I don’t actually know where). Like a body brush (fad), Emjoi foot pedicure which I previously reviewed (immense, but I forget to use it), aforementioned cleansing massage tool type thing (scared of it since it ravaged my face – could have been my fault though as I think I used the wrong attachment for facial skin), hot cloth cleanser (faff), body scrub (I forget), fake tan mitt (I don’t fake tan enough to bother).

To everyone who is successful at being groomed, primped and preened; I salute you. I just don’t know where you find the time, energy or inclination!

Do you have any bad beauty habits?

Thanks, as always, for reading!


My current favourite things

Nivea fruity shine lipbalms. These are just gorge on my lips. I reviewed them here.

Nive Fruity Shine

Selling on ebay. It’s such a pain but worth it when you make a few pennies (because that means guilt free future shopping by reinvesting the profit!)

Ebay logo

Rodizio Rico. A Brazilian churrascaria in the Mailbox in Birmingham. Basically a full on meat fest. Men with meat on skewers carve it on to your plate at your table. I took my Dad for Father’s Day. He went caveman!

Rodizio Rico

Platform sandals. Way easier to wear than you expect, because the height of the sole offsets the height of the heel. These are my most recent ones, part of a mini haul from from Matalan.

Matalan brown platform sandals

Turquoise and silver jewellery. Perfect combination, and surprisingly versatile. Looks great with a tan (which I unfortunately don’t have at the moment; thanks for nothing summer 2015). Lots featured on my Pinterest bejewelled page. This one is a recent purchase from ebay (I’m buying as well as selling!)

Silver and turquoise necklace

My Naked Flame balcony burner. A Christmas present from the husband. Fill it with burning gel and set it alight – it’s mesmerising to sit outside in the dark and watch it flicker away.

Naked Flame gel burner

What are you loving right now?


Review – Nivea Fruity Shine lip balms

I may, quite possibly, have the world’s driest lips. Not an accolade I’m proud of, or seeking recognition for. Indeed, if there was a competition I probably wouldn’t enter, because no-one needs to be the world record holder of a manky pout, even if there was a really big trophy.

My lips are generally dry, flaky and not in good condition. My husband sometimes tells me it’s like kissing his Nan. Considering she’s been dead for a good few years I’m not sure what to make of that (or whether he’s a secret necrophiliac). My scabbiness of lip is exacerbated by the fact I have a severe dust allergy, and on a bad day I wipe and blow my nose a lot, which is also rough on the mouth area (not because my nose runs down my face, but because of the geographical connection between hooter and mouth). I realise at this point I sound so unattractive that husband would perhaps be better off with his Nan, in spite of the necrophilia issue (not to mention incest). But back to the lips.

Nothing I have tried over the counter works. Vaseline – nope. Lypsyl – nope. Other derivatives (chapstick, Nivea stick, shops own brand stick) – nope. Carmex – a little, but not really. Various balms and potions – nope. I even bought Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip cream, at a cost 4 times as much as most other stuff I’d tried, but that didn’t help either. I avoid wearing lipsticks because they’re drying, and it’s rare that my lips are in a good enough condition to act as a decent base for lip colour anyway. Gloss is ok, but again I will suffer the following day.

They’re so bad sometimes that I’ve actually been to the doctors to ask for medical intervention. I find it hard to believe that nothing in the shops works. The doctor (helpfully) told me to use Vaseline; my pleas that I’ve tried and it’s failed falling on deaf ears. On the occasion that they’ve cracked and bled in the night, I wonder if people at work have talked amongst themselves as to whether I’m in a violent marriage (this may be a step to far, even for an exaggerator such as me. They’re not quite as bad as I’m making out, but I am, at times. very self conscious. And I miss lipstick).

All hail then new Fruity Shine lip balms from Nivea, in peach and watermelon.


I first bought the peach one about 3 weeks ago – not because I expected it to solve my problems, but because I’m a sucker for new stuff. Also I thought it might give a hint of colour to my lips without being gloopy like a gloss. And, of course, if it helped at all then brill.


It’s a standard lipstick size tube, and I think I paid around £1.49 on an introductory offer. It smells delicious (really peachy, both in the tube and on your lips, if you scrunch them up towards your nostrils, looking good!)). It glides on really smoothly. It gives a very very subtle hint of peachy colour. My lips felt supple and moist but not greasy.


And guess what? It’s made my lips feel scrum-diddly! They feel soft and smooth. They don’t have any dry flaky bits hanging off. There are no cracks. I have a pout to be proud of!

Yesterday I bought the other flavour in the range – watermelon.


The scent on this one is very very subtle, in fact it’s hardly noticeable. But the application is the same and this time gives a subtle pink pout.


I love them! Please Nivea don’t ever ever ever stop making them! I don’t want to go back to snogging like a dead pensioner!


April showers

I’m a 100% shower girl. I never have baths. Very very rarely, if I’m in a hotel and feeling indulgent then I might, but generally I think the idea is better than the reality. Getting the water to the right temperature is a faff, and then it goes cold, and it’s difficult to wash your hair because the bath is too short to fit legs body and head, plus you can’t rinse shampoo suds and conditioner off all in the same water. As I said…faff.

When it comes to shower gel I don’t believe in paying big money for something that, essentially, gets washed down the plug hole. Maybe I’ve never tried the right quality or the right brand, but to me shower gel is for feeling clean and smelling nice. If I want soft skin I’ll use moisturiser. There’s no substitute for body moisturiser anyway, so you can’t substitute it.

Anyway, I digress. I’m something of a fragrance whore when it comes to shower gel. I love a good smell. So I’ll flit between Nivea Happy Time (orangey), Free Time (star fruit, very zingy), Coconut Crème (does what it says on the tin…well, plastic bottle) and Harmony Time (rose scented).

Nivea happy time Nivea free time

Nivea coconut Nivea Harmony time

I generally pick them up from Poundland, where they cost (d’oh) one pound each, or from the supermarket during the weekly shop when they’re often even cheaper.

I’m also a fan of Original Source, and will sometimes buy them when they’re on special offer. My first OS experience was with Mint and Teatree. which is refreshing but can be a bit too “oooh” round the nethers! And it leaves underarms feeling weirdly cool. Not one for everyday use (for me, anyway).

Original source mint

Vanilla milk and raspberry is nice and creamy, but not quite smelly enough for me. And chocoloate mint is just odd. Smearing brown goo on your body to get clean doesn’t feel or look right. It’s more of a novelty shower gel.

Original sauce vanilla milk and raspberry Original chocolate

Most recently, while browsing in Bodycare (which I’ve only just really discovered in terms of value – it’s soooo much cheaper than Boots) I found these. Never heard of the brand, and even Google doesn’t throw much light on it, but apparently you can buy them in Iceland?! (the food retailer, rather than the Northern cold country). But you know what, they’re fab. They smell delicious, they come in the 500ml bottles (twice the side of the Nivea ones) and cost just 99 pence.


The mango and papaya one is actually the second bottle, and the only one I’ve tried in the shower (I like it that much). The lid is missing because my husband pulled it off in frustration because he finds a bog standard flip lid difficult to use (much rolling of eyes).


I’m especially looking forward to trying the cherry and wild fig one, it’s a rather grown up smell.


And the raspberry and pomegranate looks good enough to drink!


The range also comes in vanilla and macadamia, and coconut and honey. A Google search also reveals a lime and grapefruit flavour. Now that I would be all over! (or it would be all over me).