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FREE nail varnish from The Body Shop

Do you want a completely free nail varnish, worth £5, from The Body Shop?

Of course you do!

Unless you’re not in the UK, or near a Body Shop, or have bitten all your nails off in a fit of rage and have nothing left to paint.

Apologies to all of the above!

But if you’re not one of those people and you do want a free nail varnish, just pop on over to Vouchercodes.co.uk, follow the link to the Vouchercodes app (or go to the app store direct, if you’re feeling a little bit crazy), download it, and search for Body Shop offers. It will look a little something like this:

Free Body Shop nail varnish Vouchercodes

You’ll generate a unique code, which you then just show to the kind people in store, and they will present you with a veritable feast of colours to choose from. Assuming they haven’t been overwhelmed with demand from other bargain hunters and run out already, that is.

The good news is that this isn’t just for new app users; you can still get your free code if you’re already a Vouchercodes user. Hurrah!

I snaffled my freebie yesterday; a rather gothic plum called “Berry Gorgeous”.

Drop me a note in the comments if you get involved, I’d love to know what colour you go for (I was a rather pithering indecisive mess during the decision process, tbh, I don’t deal well with too much choice).

Want to know how to find out about more freebies like this? Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll tell you about my latest discovery…

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


The £1.80 spend that’s going to make me a better groomed and put together person

How’s that for a click-bait headline?

But seriously, I recently spent £1.80 that has already made me look less shabby and more put together.

What is it, I hear you ask? (well, maybe not…)

These two products of wonder, from Primark.

Primark nail products

I’ve blogged before about the fact that I have lots of bad beauty habits, and neglecting my nails is one of them. I put nail varnish on and then leave it to wear off, or flake off, or  pick it off. I might then paint over the top of it. Basically I’m a nail sloven.

There are two reasons for this. One is sheer laziness. Whenever I think to get my scruffy nail varnish off I don’t have the tools to hand (and obviously it’s such a long way to walk to my bedroom to get cotton wool and varnish remover). The other is that I always apply nail varnish on the go and it ends up smudging. It doesn’t dry fast enough for my liking, mainly because I don’t allow enough time for it to dry properly and I’m always keen to be getting on and doing other things.

So how will my bargain bits help?

The nail polish twist pot (£1) is simply full of sponge soaked in nail polish remover. Dip your finger in, wiggle it around a bit, et voila! Varnish free nails. So, if I keep this pot to hand (pun intended) I don’t have to faff about with bottles and cotton pads and throwing them away. Can you say “first world problems”?

The fast dry spray dries your nails in 60 seconds. Simply spray it on and wait. I know some nail polishes profess to dry in 60 seconds, but I’ve never found that. Plus this spray gives an extra shine.

I have so many nail varnishes that I’ve never even used (oops) because I see pretty colours and get sucked in and it’s such a cheap little treat, but I never actually get round to wearing them. That’s going to change.

Is this a late New Year’s resolution?

To prove just how much this has revolutionised my lazy ass, here’s a (very poor) manicure shot of Collection 2000 “Shameless”. I don’t know how long I’ve had this, or even if it still exists, but it’s so very very pretty and I wish I’d used it before.

Collection 2000 Shameless

Collection 2000 Shameless in daylight

Are you a nail varnish hero, or zero?!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x






Bad beauty habits (aka being lazy)

I read beauty blogs and twitter feeds that are full of gorgeously groomed and put together ladies and I wonder how they do it! Maybe I’m just not cut out for it (which sounds better than being lazy). I thought I’d share my bad habits (and maybe shame myself into being a better person…doubtful!)

Bad beauty habits

Eyebrow pencil
I leave my eyebrow pencil as long as possible between sharpening it – it’s usually flat before I get round to it. At the moment it’s because I can’t find my pencil sharpener. I need to buy a new one.

Plucking my eyebrows
God. this is such a chore and so I end up leaving it longer than I should which makes it even more of a chore! I don’t know why, because I hate hate HATE unruly eyebrows. I just always seem to get distracted and then realise that shit, I really need to tame those beasts! I should build it into my daily makeup routine really.

Cutting my toenails
I clip my toenails quite short. I can’t stand them long. My big toe nails especially seem to itch underneath?! They’re not disgustingly short; certainly still long enough to paint and wear open toe shoes. But my Mom always tells me off.

Intermittent body moisturising
It seems such a faff to moisturise after every shower; plus the time that’s needed for it to dry properly before you put your clothes on. I got into the habit of using Nivea in shower moisturiser last summer, but then that novelty wore off. I recently bought some Vaseline spray moisturiser, but still haven’t got into an every day routine.

Fake tanning
It doesn’t help that I’m rubbish at tan; even the gradual build up ones. I feel so much better when I’ve got some colour and every time I do get round to it I promise myself that I’ll keep it up. But I don’t. And then I regret it. But not enough to do anything about it, evidently.

Poor skincare routine
I’m very lucky to have good skin, I know I’m lucky. My only routine, if you can even call it that, is cleaning my face every morning, with face wipes. I use serum some days (I haven’t this week because it’s still in my case from holiday – more laziness, I’m not fully unpacked!). I don’t get my make up off before bed. I don’t deep clean or exfoliate, or tone or regularly moisturise. Having said that I don’t wear heaps of make up (I only use a light base like a BB cream, never a full foundation) so it’s not like there’s much to take off. And at weekends I quite often wear none. As I said I’m lucky. It also works for me so I don’t want to upset the proverbial apple cart! I tried a facial cleansing brush last year and ended up with a complexion like a loofah. So I figure I should just stick with what I know until I need to do something else.

Getting one more day from my hair before I wash it
Dry shampoo is my friend! I hate washing my hair. Actually that’s a lie. Love washing it, hate drying it. It’s not been such a burden while it’s been shorter, but when it was long it was such a drag. And will be again, I’m sure. It’s awesome when I’m somewhere hot and I can wash it, have a little siesta and leave it to dry naturally. Even though I end up with some wild woman of Borneo curls. Everything is ok on holiday. If I leave it to dry naturally at home it takes about 3 days and goes like cotton wool. Not ok.

Chipping my nail varnish off
Rather than remove my nail varnish properly I usually pick and peel at it once it starts to chip. Or, worse still, I leave it to wear off until it’s just a patch of stripy bits on each nail. It’s not on purpose. I just seem to forget or get distracted.

Aside from that, there’s the oodles of lotions, potions and tools of the trade that I’ve bought with the intention of making my life infinitely better but now languish somewhere (in some cases I don’t actually know where). Like a body brush (fad), Emjoi foot pedicure which I previously reviewed (immense, but I forget to use it), aforementioned cleansing massage tool type thing (scared of it since it ravaged my face – could have been my fault though as I think I used the wrong attachment for facial skin), hot cloth cleanser (faff), body scrub (I forget), fake tan mitt (I don’t fake tan enough to bother).

To everyone who is successful at being groomed, primped and preened; I salute you. I just don’t know where you find the time, energy or inclination!

Do you have any bad beauty habits?

Thanks, as always, for reading!


Red lips, fingertips (a lipstick and nail varnish post)

In honour of the immortal line in Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue (because I have bought tickets for their last EVER tour), and also because it’s a combination I’ve worn a lot recently, here’s a post about my favourite red lipstick and red nail polish.

I mentioned a couple of weeks back how dry my lips get and how I’ve been using Nivea lip balms to great effect. Because my lips were in good shape I wanted to venture into red lipstick territory again. It’s such a bold and in your face look and I love to see it on other people. I haven’t used lipstick for ages, mainly due to longevity issues (it wears off so quickly!), so instead have used lipstains (literally like a red felt tip pen) or coloured lip balms (which give a sheer coverage) – neither of which give me the texture and colour I was looking for.

Because I didn’t want to waste oodles of money on yet another lipstick that will sit in the drawer unused, I went in at the very low end – Natural Collection Moisture Shine by Boots in Crimson, just £1.99.

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

I didn’t have high expectations for the colour or the texture, because I find lipsticks very drying and thought I wouldn’t wear it much. But I’ve been amazed! I wore it constantly over Download weekend from Friday to Sunday and my lips were in great condition – despite being subjected to wind, rain and sunshine. What’s more, I didn’t really need to re-apply it very often, in spite of pretty much constant drinking and eating throughout the day.

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

It’s very creamy to apply, glides on the lips, and doesn’t feel claggy or drying when it’s on. It retains enough glide to be able to rub your lips together comfortably and is a vibrant bright orange tinted red.

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

I’d be mega impressed with this even if it was high end (not that I buy high end, tight madam that I am!) But for the price it’s unbelievable. It also means I won’t have to cry if when I lose it, which I invariably will.

On the fingertips (and toes) front I very rarely move away from red. It’s just so easy and fun to wear, goes with pretty much everything, and is a classic. My favourite red (indeed the only red I use now) is Nails Inc. St James. It was a freebie with a magazine and is my go to nail colour. Vibrant and bright, you can (just about) get away with one coat and it dries pretty quickly (a bonus for me, because I usually quickly paint my nails on my way out of the door or even in the taxi, shock horror!).


I’m pretty slovenly with nail varnish, and am usually sporting some variation of chipped/worn off colour on the occasion I don’t have bare nails, but I do find the longevity on this Nails Inc one is pretty good and the brush is a good size for applying.

I did, however, realise just how many nail varnishes I have when I was packing for Download (I was looking for something a bit different, but ended up with…red). Maybe I’ll dig some out and mix it up a bit!