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Make up review: Wunderbrow

Over Christmas I was using Facebook on my laptop (as I was waiting for a mobile replacement following the great phone vs booze debacle of December) and so I started getting adverts pop up which I wouldn’t usually see. Coincidentally I had some birthday money from my Mother in Law which I was looking to spend, and that’s how I came to buy Wunderbrow.

I’d never heard of it before but the promise of hair fibre complex that improves the original brow shape and permafix gel that last for days was enough to get me wanting more. Now I’m a marketing person’s dream to be honest, but the advert came with a video which was incredibly impressive, plus the company offer a 30 day money back guarantee so it seemed to be win win.

See what I mean?

On arrival I excitedly ripped open the packaging and was immediately disappointed. I had ordered black/brown and my first thought was that I had been sent the wrong one. But no, this is what Wunderbrow class as black/brown.

Undeterred, I thought maybe it would look darker on my skin. Unfortunately not. It has a sludgy brown appearance with (to me) a hint of khaki. I don’t want army eyebrows!

Wunderbrow black brown sample

My first try was highly disastrous as I found the application incredibly difficult due to the length of the handle and the long bristles of the brush. I abandoned it and it lay unloved for a couple of weeks.

Thinking perhaps I was missing something, and that it was user error rather than the product’s fault (quite likely) I decided to try again.

Here’s me with naked eyebrows (oo-er!)

Naked eyebrows

They’re annoyingly thin, which is strange considering they were behemoth monstrosities when I was a kid (I’ll share a pic one day). I’ve tried to regrow them to a thicker point but they’re having none of it.

Next is one eyebrow.

One eyebrow

The shape was better this time around as I was more patient with applying it and used smaller strokes. I couldn’t see the hair like fibres though.

Both eyebrows done.

Two eyebrows

The second was more difficult, not sure why, and I ended up with the product a little bit above my natural browline which gave me a funny expression!

I went to bed with it still on to test the endurance (the website says it can last two to three days). To be fair it was still all in tact when I woke up, so I decided to leave it on for the day, even though I wasn’t entirely convinced.

Well, once I was able to see it in daylight (first time as I applied it in the evening and it was still dark when I left for work so the previous photographs are taken in artificial light) I decided to definitely send it back.

Wunderbrow following day close up

It just doesn’t work for me. The shade is too light (in fairness my hair is very dark) but more than that it just looks like I’ve painted creosote on my eyebrows. There are no fibres. It looks like bloody felt tip! Worse still, I had to endure the rest of the day like that at work, wondering if anyone had noticed (this is a very narcissistic comment to make, as I’m sure no-one cares two hoots about how I look).

This is it at the end of the day, it had started to wear off. If you could see more closely it looks flaky and patchy,

Wunderbrow end of day

Huge amounts of disappointment.

The only good thing is that, as I mentioned, the company offers is a 30 day money back guarantee, so I don’t have a £20 waste of birthday money on my hands. I haven’t had my refund yet, but I’m trusting them!

Obviously this is only my own experience, and I’m not particularly beauty minded (or patient) so I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from trying it themselves, especially if your hair is lighter than mine. The reviews on their Facebook page are outstanding and there are lots of YouTube videos showing perfect brows as a result of this product.

It also comes in 3 other shades – blonde, brunette and auburn.

You can buy Wunderbrow directly from their website (free P&P), on Amazon, or at selected Boots stores.


Bad beauty habits (aka being lazy)

I read beauty blogs and twitter feeds that are full of gorgeously groomed and put together ladies and I wonder how they do it! Maybe I’m just not cut out for it (which sounds better than being lazy). I thought I’d share my bad habits (and maybe shame myself into being a better person…doubtful!)

Bad beauty habits

Eyebrow pencil
I leave my eyebrow pencil as long as possible between sharpening it – it’s usually flat before I get round to it. At the moment it’s because I can’t find my pencil sharpener. I need to buy a new one.

Plucking my eyebrows
God. this is such a chore and so I end up leaving it longer than I should which makes it even more of a chore! I don’t know why, because I hate hate HATE unruly eyebrows. I just always seem to get distracted and then realise that shit, I really need to tame those beasts! I should build it into my daily makeup routine really.

Cutting my toenails
I clip my toenails quite short. I can’t stand them long. My big toe nails especially seem to itch underneath?! They’re not disgustingly short; certainly still long enough to paint and wear open toe shoes. But my Mom always tells me off.

Intermittent body moisturising
It seems such a faff to moisturise after every shower; plus the time that’s needed for it to dry properly before you put your clothes on. I got into the habit of using Nivea in shower moisturiser last summer, but then that novelty wore off. I recently bought some Vaseline spray moisturiser, but still haven’t got into an every day routine.

Fake tanning
It doesn’t help that I’m rubbish at tan; even the gradual build up ones. I feel so much better when I’ve got some colour and every time I do get round to it I promise myself that I’ll keep it up. But I don’t. And then I regret it. But not enough to do anything about it, evidently.

Poor skincare routine
I’m very lucky to have good skin, I know I’m lucky. My only routine, if you can even call it that, is cleaning my face every morning, with face wipes. I use serum some days (I haven’t this week because it’s still in my case from holiday – more laziness, I’m not fully unpacked!). I don’t get my make up off before bed. I don’t deep clean or exfoliate, or tone or regularly moisturise. Having said that I don’t wear heaps of make up (I only use a light base like a BB cream, never a full foundation) so it’s not like there’s much to take off. And at weekends I quite often wear none. As I said I’m lucky. It also works for me so I don’t want to upset the proverbial apple cart! I tried a facial cleansing brush last year and ended up with a complexion like a loofah. So I figure I should just stick with what I know until I need to do something else.

Getting one more day from my hair before I wash it
Dry shampoo is my friend! I hate washing my hair. Actually that’s a lie. Love washing it, hate drying it. It’s not been such a burden while it’s been shorter, but when it was long it was such a drag. And will be again, I’m sure. It’s awesome when I’m somewhere hot and I can wash it, have a little siesta and leave it to dry naturally. Even though I end up with some wild woman of Borneo curls. Everything is ok on holiday. If I leave it to dry naturally at home it takes about 3 days and goes like cotton wool. Not ok.

Chipping my nail varnish off
Rather than remove my nail varnish properly I usually pick and peel at it once it starts to chip. Or, worse still, I leave it to wear off until it’s just a patch of stripy bits on each nail. It’s not on purpose. I just seem to forget or get distracted.

Aside from that, there’s the oodles of lotions, potions and tools of the trade that I’ve bought with the intention of making my life infinitely better but now languish somewhere (in some cases I don’t actually know where). Like a body brush (fad), Emjoi foot pedicure which I previously reviewed (immense, but I forget to use it), aforementioned cleansing massage tool type thing (scared of it since it ravaged my face – could have been my fault though as I think I used the wrong attachment for facial skin), hot cloth cleanser (faff), body scrub (I forget), fake tan mitt (I don’t fake tan enough to bother).

To everyone who is successful at being groomed, primped and preened; I salute you. I just don’t know where you find the time, energy or inclination!

Do you have any bad beauty habits?

Thanks, as always, for reading!