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Hair’s some advice to my future self

I’m finally getting to a stage where I no longer hate my hair.

So, in a bid to dissuade myself from ever suffering such trauma again, I’m immortalising my experiences, so next time I pick up the scissors I can revisit the raw drama and step away from the snip…


“Dear me,

Don’t cut your hair above shoulder length again. Hell, don’t even go to shoulder length! It’s a rotten pain to grow through an inbetweeny length, it looks dweeby, it ages you (more and more important as time goes on, you need all the help you can get!) and you’ll regret it.

Remember Nice, where it was too short to wear in a ponytail and did that horrible flicky thing.Me in Nice 2

Look at this photo, when you’re finally starting to like it again, and remember the pain it took to get here.


Watch this video, and all the pretty things you can do with long hair, and step away from the scissors.

And for God’s sake DO NOT cut a bloody fringe. Nothing good can come of that!

You’re very welcome.

Love from you, 2015″


Fight the flab – time to get moving

I’m very much a nothing or almost nothing kind of exerciser – I HATE exercise with a passion. It just feels so forced.


I’ve tried on about 3 different occasions this year to do the C25k running plan – I even went out and bought running trainers – but something better always gets in the way! (any excuse – the weather’s bad, the weather’s good, I’m tired, I need to tidy up at home, let’s go to the pub – ANYTHING!)

However I have been gaining a bit of weight and feeling flabby so I know I need to do something (I also need to lose some weight so I can gorge myself on Italian food when we go away in October – lose it to gain it!). I don’t want to give in to weight gain. I know the more I leave it the more I will have to lose, which will be harder work. Plus I refuse to replace my clothes with bigger clothes. I really like my clothes!

I know that my main problem areas with weight are wine, and lack of restraint at weekends. Neither of which I’m really keen to stop, so getting physical needs to become part of the equation.

After a couple of weeks of deliberating, I finally got myself in the right mindset last week, plus it makes sense to actually use the trainers I spent so long deliberating over earlier this year. I was very girly when it came to buying them. Firstly I really didn’t want to spend any money on sports gear precisely because I’m so fickle and would rather buy nice things like lipsticks and heels. When I gave in to the idea that I would have to invest some cash, it was of utmost importance that I liked the trainers. Not enough that they’re comfortable, feel good, support me (whatevs); they have to be nice to look at. I know I’m not alone in this! Which is why it took me 3 visits to different sports shops in 2 different towns before I found some I liked.

Adidas running shoes

(they are actually very comfortable too, and were a relative bargain at £36, from Sports Direct)

So I’ve been out a handful of times for a hybrid walk/jog type thing and I’ve actually enjoyed it – the sun was shining and I took a picturesque route which made a difference. Also, going at my own pace with no time goal meant I didn’t feel rubbish if I had to stop (something I did find with the C25k podcast – it’s too regimented for my needs, even though it is actually pretty laid back, that’s how unfit I am!).

I’ve also decided I’m going to rejoin the gym (urgh). I want to try and get to grips with Bodypump. This is how I feel about that prospect:

Kill me

I’ve done it once before, many moons ago, but I didn’t know what any of the equipment was and I was with a friend so we spent most of the class giggling at each other. This time I’m going to ask about the kit and the routine and everything first, so at least I’m not floundering wildly. Although I have such pathetic upper body strength that I’d probably struggle lifting Hula Hoops (mmmm…crisps…)

My gym also does 30 minute pack workouts with a personal trainer, and I think even I can manage 30 minutes if I’m being pushed by someone! (or, failing that, cry badly enough that they’ll take pity and let me leave).

Of course the key will be going straight from work. I’m even going to change at work so I’m in the mindset, because if I leave it ’til I get to the gym changing room I’m likely to drive straight past and go home…

I even said no to a Chinese takeaway last night!

Operation Italy starts here!



My new nipple bar turned up today (the ball fell off my previous one!) so I thought I’d talk piercings.

Piercing chart

I like piercings. A lot. And I like tattoos. Even more. What I don’t like is stretching. Ugh. Starts as a piercing and then gets stretched into a hole.

a) I don’t get it


b) I don’t get it

I mean, what’s attractive about putting holes in your body? Piercings are pretty – they add interest and sparkliness.

Holes aren’t pretty.

Ear stretching

Even if you try to make them so with coloured tunnels

Ear stretching with coloured jewellery

And what about when it goes wrong?

Ear stretching gone wrong

Ear stretching gone wrong


Anyway, this post wasn’t about stretching. Back to piercings.

I currently have my belly button, nose, ear lobes and ear cartilage pierced. I’ve had other piercings that I don’t have anymore. And each of them was a different experience.

I don’t remember the first set. I was about 18 months old. I know some people have a huge problem with that and think parents should leave kids to make their own decision when they’re older. I think it’s fine. Babies look pretty with stud earrings. So shoot me!

I had a second set of holes done when I was about 22. I had them done on my lunch hour and they basically got them wrong – they weren’t level. So I had to take them out and wait for them to heal, then get them redone straight! No surprise I went to a different place…

I had my right ear cartilage, at the top, done when I was 16. It was done in a hairdressers, which is incomprehensible now, but was the done thing “back in the day”. They did it with a gun, which is now illegal as it shatters the cartilage. Boy did I suffer with that piercing. It used to swell so much you couldn’t see the stud. It filled with pus. Sometimes just the slightest touch would make it ooze green gunge. Would I take it out? Would I hell as like! I was proud of that piercing! It wasn’t very common at the time and I felt very cool with it done (even with bloody goop just under the skin). It took around 2 years to heal properly. I couldn’t sleep on my left side properly for about 18 months, I had to put my hand between my ear and the pillow. That’s how dedicated I was!

Belly button
I had this done when I was 18. It was a fairly new piercing at the time, not very common, and I was desperate to get it done. This was the first time I went into a “proper” studio. I felt way too uncool to be in there with all these alternative kids with bright hair and tattoos. Laying down on the bed, I flinched massively in pain, only to be told that was just the cold numbing spray, ha ha! The piercer applied the clamp, jabbed the needle through, threaded the bar and that was it. I was so pleased that I went shopping to try bikinis on immediately afterwards, even though it was only February. I had some mild discomfort afterwards but it’s always behaved well. I can’t see me ever taking it out.

Next I had an auricle piercing (I’ve only just found out it’s called that, I just called it half way up my ear!) Just on one side, the left. I mainly wear a stud, but lately have been wearing this on a night out, which is pretty cute.

Diamante studd ear cuff

I don’t remember much about that one at all, so it can’t have been too traumatic.

These were all pre-husband. The next two I hold him entirely responsible for (in a good way).

Nose piercing
Firstly, I was drunk. You shouldn’t get pierced when you’re drunk, and a piercer shouldn’t pierce you when you’re drunk. But again this was just an independent jeweller. With a gun. I shouted “fuck”, very loudly. The pre-cursor to this is that we were having a weekend away at the British seaside and, predictably, it rained a lot. By the third day of rain we took refuge in a pub for most of the afternoon. And my husband, spotting the shop opposite, dared me to get my nose pierced.

Responsible huh?

I remember going back to work and not making eye contact with anyone because I didn’t think a nose piercing was a very corporate look. But no-one has ever said anything, and I’ve never regretted it. I swapped to a ring earlier this year and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. I love it.

Nipple piercing
This was something I’d previously never thought about much, and certainly wasn’t on my wishlist. Husband has his pierced, which I like. Then a friend told me she’d had hers done and that put the seed into my mind, which husband encouraged. I went from not really ever thinking about it to “I must have it done” within about 2 hours one Friday night. Needing to strike while the iron was hot (i.e. before I backed out) I phoned round and round on the Saturday to find somewhere I could have it done.

When I went into the studio I didn’t want to make a big fuss about the fact I was going to be getting my boob out, so I sat down and pulled my dress down straight away. The piercer didn’t look up, but carried on prepping, getting clean needles and jewellery and the like. I thought if I then covered up I’d look prudish, so I just sat there with my right boob hanging out for an inordinate amount of time, talking away like it was the most normal thing in the world. It was cringey! This was another mega painful one. There were swear words. I didn’t feel well afterwards and actually went to bed for an hour. To clean it I had to dangle my boob into a mug full of salt water. Good job I’m not blessed in the breast department, or I’d have needed a bigger mug.

The final piercings are all down to me, and all a bit stupid really (not stupid piercings, just stupid for me). I don’t have any of them anymore. Read on to find out why

Hand piercing
I took my little sister to get her belly button pierced and the guy in the studio had a microdermal next to his eye, all sparkly and pretty. I expressed an interest as I’d seen them before and they looked nice. I was told that it’s a really simple procedure, they just make a little hole with a holepunch type thing and feed the jewellery into the hole. It’s anchored in because of the shape and then your skin heels over it. The jewel bit just screws onto the anchor that’s in your skin.

Microdermal jewellery

“It barely hurts” they said.

They lied.

I wanted it in my hand. There were scalpels and skin peeling and all sorts of horrific pain. I didn’t think I could stand it. It was horrendous. But it looked so very very pretty.

Hand microdermal

It was a bit awkward and I was wary of catching it on things and again of people’s comments at work. I caught people looking at it but no-one ever said anything.

This one came to a rather abrupt end in a shopping centre. I was getting off an escalator and someone cut across my path, catching my hand with her handbag. As I walked away I thought that my hand felt sore, looked down, and the anchor bit WAS HANGING OUT. I went a little bit woozy and weird and tried to push it back in. But it wasn’t to be. I had to yank it and break the bits of skin that had started to grow around it (which sounds more horrendous than it was). I vowed to get it redone once I’d heeled, but in truth I was too wuss!

Triple forward helix piercing
Ah, the internet, purveyor of all things pretty. That’s how this one came about. This exact photo.

Triple forward helix

Love love LOVE the look (still do now). But impatience led to me wanting it to look like that immediately. So I asked for all 3 piercings to be done at once. The piercer did say it wasn’t advisable, but obviously I knew better, right?


The bars they used were too long, for a start, so I didn’t get the look I wanted (the picture above uses labrets which are more like studs). The healing didn’t go well and one came up in a lump, so I had to admit defeat and take it out. After a couple of months I conceded that it was an experiment that had gone wrong and decided to remove the others. Once came out fine. The other one was cross threaded. I couldn’t remember which way was loosening and which way was tightening so I wasn’t even sure I was doing the right thing to try and get it out. In a fit of exasperation I tried strong nail clippers to cut through the metal. It didn’t work (obvs). I had to go back to the piercer and get them to remove it.

I’m not sure I’m done with this piercing yet and might revisit it. But definitely only one at a time.

Lip piercing
Perhaps my most stupid of ideas and one I blame firmly on hitting my mid-30s and having a crisis! There can be no other explanation. In my defence I had always wanted my lip pierced, and always held back due to work and appearances and the fact that it would probably be frowned upon by management. I finally got fed up of toeing the line and decided it was a box that needed ticking. So I had it done on my birthday, when I’d broken up from work, a few days before Christmas. I was assured that there was no reason it should affect my eating or impact my enjoyment of Christmas dinner (food is always on my mind).

We nearly had a repeat of the wonky earlobes piercing, when the lady in the shop marked the dot ready for the piercer. “That’s not in the middle I told her”. She said “sorry, we’re supposed to line it up with the middle of your top lip but yours is slightly unlevel”. Er, thanks.

The piercing itself was not as traumatic as I feared. The skin under your bottom lip is pretty thick and I had visions of multiple bodging to break through, but it was done in one push and that was that.

This photo was taken on the day I had it done. You can see the lump inside my lip!

My lip piercing

Did it affect my Christmas dinner? Yes! Gutted.

Did it affect my job? No-one said anything. I think by this point they were used to me being a bit left of centre.

I never loved it though, it didn’t look how I’d hoped. It lasted about 6 months and then I took it out of my own volition. I found out afterwards that no-one had ever really liked it, and it put my husband off kissing me.

So, that’s my piercing journey!

So far…


A bright lippie from Barry M

I’ve never bought cosmetics from Barry M, only ever nail varnishes but, fancying a bright pink lipstick for summer (a colour I never wear but had a hankering for), a quick scoot of my local Boots revealed that BarryM was the best bet in terms of shade I liked at a reasonable price (accounting for the fact there’s a good chance I wouldn’t wear it again after the first time).

Barry M pink lipstick

It languished in my bag for ages because I kept forgetting about it (and also because I keep reaching for red since discovering the fabulous Natural Collection one) but I finally got round to debuting it last week, and it was a huge success!

Even the husband, who generally doesn’t like bright coloured lippie on me (not that I take any notice at all, obvs) commented on it in the affirmative. High praise indeed.

The shade is 145 (or is it 446? I don’t know!) and it’s really vibrant and summery. I love love LOVE the feel of the tube (fnar); it’s got a rubbery smooth matte-ness about it that I could just sit and stroke (double fnar) although I don’t, because that would be really weird…

Barry M pink lipstick 145

Application is good, staying power is ok, and I’m impressed.

Barry M pink lipstick on my lips

Pink lipstick pose

Pink lipstick funny face

I will be investigating more of Bazza’s make up range forthwith!


Red lips, fingertips (a lipstick and nail varnish post)

In honour of the immortal line in Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue (because I have bought tickets for their last EVER tour), and also because it’s a combination I’ve worn a lot recently, here’s a post about my favourite red lipstick and red nail polish.

I mentioned a couple of weeks back how dry my lips get and how I’ve been using Nivea lip balms to great effect. Because my lips were in good shape I wanted to venture into red lipstick territory again. It’s such a bold and in your face look and I love to see it on other people. I haven’t used lipstick for ages, mainly due to longevity issues (it wears off so quickly!), so instead have used lipstains (literally like a red felt tip pen) or coloured lip balms (which give a sheer coverage) – neither of which give me the texture and colour I was looking for.

Because I didn’t want to waste oodles of money on yet another lipstick that will sit in the drawer unused, I went in at the very low end – Natural Collection Moisture Shine by Boots in Crimson, just £1.99.

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

I didn’t have high expectations for the colour or the texture, because I find lipsticks very drying and thought I wouldn’t wear it much. But I’ve been amazed! I wore it constantly over Download weekend from Friday to Sunday and my lips were in great condition – despite being subjected to wind, rain and sunshine. What’s more, I didn’t really need to re-apply it very often, in spite of pretty much constant drinking and eating throughout the day.

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

It’s very creamy to apply, glides on the lips, and doesn’t feel claggy or drying when it’s on. It retains enough glide to be able to rub your lips together comfortably and is a vibrant bright orange tinted red.

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

Boots Natural Collection lipstick Crimson

I’d be mega impressed with this even if it was high end (not that I buy high end, tight madam that I am!) But for the price it’s unbelievable. It also means I won’t have to cry if when I lose it, which I invariably will.

On the fingertips (and toes) front I very rarely move away from red. It’s just so easy and fun to wear, goes with pretty much everything, and is a classic. My favourite red (indeed the only red I use now) is Nails Inc. St James. It was a freebie with a magazine and is my go to nail colour. Vibrant and bright, you can (just about) get away with one coat and it dries pretty quickly (a bonus for me, because I usually quickly paint my nails on my way out of the door or even in the taxi, shock horror!).


I’m pretty slovenly with nail varnish, and am usually sporting some variation of chipped/worn off colour on the occasion I don’t have bare nails, but I do find the longevity on this Nails Inc one is pretty good and the brush is a good size for applying.

I did, however, realise just how many nail varnishes I have when I was packing for Download (I was looking for something a bit different, but ended up with…red). Maybe I’ll dig some out and mix it up a bit!


Why don’t more women get more tattoos?

This is a ponder, rather than requiring a definitive answer.

When I was out last Friday I saw a girl, with long sandy wavy hair, tanned, pretty, wearing a maxi dress and sleeveless denim gilet. When she turned around, I was shocked that she had a full sleeve. Not shocked in an “oh my god, that’s disgusting” kind of way. But she didn’t look the type.

Daft huh?

I mean, what does “the type” look like anyway?

On the same night, my husband took this photograph of me.

Tattooed back

It’s not often I see how many tattoos I actually have (I mean obviously I know how many I have, because I commissioned all of them, but because of their position and me not being able to do an exorcist style headspin I don’t get to see them all). And I wondered how many people had the same thought about me? Were they surprised? Did they do a double take? Did they think that I was purposely trying to show them off with the top I was wearing? (that isn’t why I bought it, by the way, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the effect).

If the girl I mentioned had been a boy, I wouldn’t have taken any notice at all.

I know a lot of it is down to pop culture. David Beckham is heavily tattooed and has made the look very much mainstream. Sure, there are people who are vocal about not liking his look, but in the main he’s classed as a handsome man with a fantastic career behind him, a sporting hero and a real family man (apart from the old Rebecca Loos phase). ASOS use many (in fact, mainly) tattooed models in their male section. Sports (I use that term lightly) like UFC, where men are pretty naked as they fight, showcase tattooed bodies. And, let’s face it, tattoos on blokes are now pretty “trendy”.

Name a heavily tattooed woman? You probably can’t. The first one that comes to my mind (excluding actual tattoo artists) is Jodie Marsh, and she’s not exactly someone to aspire to based on her past (can you say judgemental?!). Yes there are women who have tattoos (Angelina Jolie, for example) but not many of them, and certainly none with much coverage.

Maybe part of it comes down to clothing differences between genders. If a man is going to an event, or to work, where he may not want to show his tattoos for whatever reason, then he can easily cover up in a long sleeved shirt and trousers. If a woman is going to an event then it’s much more difficult. And while I have blogged before about my own appreciation of a glamorous woman with tattoos on show, I can’t say I would dress like that for a work function.

If I had a different life I would look different. I’d certainly like a half sleeve. I’d like finger tattoos. I’d like to look like any one of these cool ladies.

Tattooed woman

Tattooed women

Tattooed woman

But fear of judgement stops me in my current life. Because, despite equality and feminism and all the other great steps that womankind has supposedly made, I still believe that women with tattoos are judged negatively by many.

And that is why I think more women don’t get a lot of tattoos.

But to those that do? You’re awesome!


Self criticism – perception vs. reality

Yesterday at work we were brainstorming some video ideas to promote our company, and looking at lots of different styles.

This one was played to us. I’ve never seen it before. Seriously, take 3 minutes out of your day to watch it. It’s beautiful, and eye opening.

I mentioned in my previous post about my blogging experiences how personal Twitter use has made me critical of myself. I’ve blogged about hating my hair. I look at photographs of myself and immediately pick up on the bad bits – I don’t like my nose, my face looks round. There’s always something not to like.

When I was in my teens and early 20s, I was so desperate for a boob job. I’d belittle my own appearance in front of people with the intention of them thinking I didn’t care if they thought I had small boobs. I wanted to get in there first, before they did, so they couldn’t hurt me. I was convinced that my life would be that bit better if I had breast enlargement surgery. When I first got together with my husband, who I’d been friends with for 2 years, he asked me why I was so critical of my chest (his actual words were “I was really relieved when I saw them, because the way you go on I was expecting two saggy half inflated balloons” – gee, thanks!) His reality of me was very different to my own.

I’d like to lose a bit of weight and be a bit more toned. But in truth I like food and hate exercise too much to ever look that way. And that’s a lifestyle choice. I can’t then complain when my jeans feel too tight and I’m not a consistent size 10 anymore.


Yet other people perceive me as slim, doing a big roll of the eyes when I mention wanting to lose weight. Again, their reality of me is different to my own.

I’m not entirely sure of the point of this post. I know it won’t change things, not for me anyway. I’ll still be self critical. Maybe that’s a human nature thing – to put ourselves down. Is it for fear of being accused of being conceited? In case someone questions our self confidence and tells us we’re not “all that”? Women especially often struggle to accept a compliment, or will counteract one with “thanks, but have you seen my thighs/wrinkles/double chin”.

Maybe we should try and be less critical. It’s nice to make the most of yourself, and important to be happy, but our body is the vessel which enables our minds to live. Hating it will only stifle our enjoyment of life over things that we often can’t change and – in the grand scheme of things – don’t really matter.


Review – Nivea Fruity Shine lip balms

I may, quite possibly, have the world’s driest lips. Not an accolade I’m proud of, or seeking recognition for. Indeed, if there was a competition I probably wouldn’t enter, because no-one needs to be the world record holder of a manky pout, even if there was a really big trophy.

My lips are generally dry, flaky and not in good condition. My husband sometimes tells me it’s like kissing his Nan. Considering she’s been dead for a good few years I’m not sure what to make of that (or whether he’s a secret necrophiliac). My scabbiness of lip is exacerbated by the fact I have a severe dust allergy, and on a bad day I wipe and blow my nose a lot, which is also rough on the mouth area (not because my nose runs down my face, but because of the geographical connection between hooter and mouth). I realise at this point I sound so unattractive that husband would perhaps be better off with his Nan, in spite of the necrophilia issue (not to mention incest). But back to the lips.

Nothing I have tried over the counter works. Vaseline – nope. Lypsyl – nope. Other derivatives (chapstick, Nivea stick, shops own brand stick) – nope. Carmex – a little, but not really. Various balms and potions – nope. I even bought Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip cream, at a cost 4 times as much as most other stuff I’d tried, but that didn’t help either. I avoid wearing lipsticks because they’re drying, and it’s rare that my lips are in a good enough condition to act as a decent base for lip colour anyway. Gloss is ok, but again I will suffer the following day.

They’re so bad sometimes that I’ve actually been to the doctors to ask for medical intervention. I find it hard to believe that nothing in the shops works. The doctor (helpfully) told me to use Vaseline; my pleas that I’ve tried and it’s failed falling on deaf ears. On the occasion that they’ve cracked and bled in the night, I wonder if people at work have talked amongst themselves as to whether I’m in a violent marriage (this may be a step to far, even for an exaggerator such as me. They’re not quite as bad as I’m making out, but I am, at times. very self conscious. And I miss lipstick).

All hail then new Fruity Shine lip balms from Nivea, in peach and watermelon.


I first bought the peach one about 3 weeks ago – not because I expected it to solve my problems, but because I’m a sucker for new stuff. Also I thought it might give a hint of colour to my lips without being gloopy like a gloss. And, of course, if it helped at all then brill.


It’s a standard lipstick size tube, and I think I paid around £1.49 on an introductory offer. It smells delicious (really peachy, both in the tube and on your lips, if you scrunch them up towards your nostrils, looking good!)). It glides on really smoothly. It gives a very very subtle hint of peachy colour. My lips felt supple and moist but not greasy.


And guess what? It’s made my lips feel scrum-diddly! They feel soft and smooth. They don’t have any dry flaky bits hanging off. There are no cracks. I have a pout to be proud of!

Yesterday I bought the other flavour in the range – watermelon.


The scent on this one is very very subtle, in fact it’s hardly noticeable. But the application is the same and this time gives a subtle pink pout.


I love them! Please Nivea don’t ever ever ever stop making them! I don’t want to go back to snogging like a dead pensioner!


Ebay crazy!

Sometimes there are things on ebay that don’t make sense.

Like the fact that a pair of nude ballet pumps from George, that only cost £6 brand new, have sold for £22. I’ve seen vouchers selling for more than their actual face value. On the flip side, other things sell for pennies. Madness I tell thee!

One of the problems I have with selling on ebay is that I tend to talk myself back into keeping stuff that I’m listing for sale. I’ll write such a nice description, with ideas on how an item can be worn, that I end up thinking I shouldn’t sell it after all.

But now I’ve turned over a new leaf in terms of what I do and don’t keep I’m being ruthless. 8 things sold at the weekend (although I must admit that I was kind of relieved one of the items – a pair of yellow shoes – didn’t sell, because I saw a lovely pinterest post last week that gave me a new idea of how to wear them and I secretly hoped no-one would bid!)

What to do with the fruits of my labour? Why, reinvest of course! And where better to buy from, than the crazy world of ebay, where pennies can buy you so much more than on the High Street.

(OK, ‘fess up time, I ordered some of this stuff before any of my items had actually sold).

I’ve mentioned the jewellery bargains that are to be had from China in the past, so I pressed the button on some bits that have been on my watch list (and some bits that were just impulse buys!)

Skull necklace – £3.48 (free postage)

Skull necklace

Coin statement necklace – £5.52 (free postage)

Coin necklace

Spider ring – £1.96 (free postage)

Spider ring

Multi stone row earring – 99 pence (free postage)


Diamante stud cuff effect earring – £2.65 (free postage)


Purple turquoise ring – 99 pence (99 pence postage). I saw this at a mega bargain price and the auction was just finishing, so I snapped it up.


And some hair accessories to pretty up my unruly, growing ever so slowly, pain in the ass barnet.

Elastic and chain headband – £1.00 (90 pence postage)


Beaded feather headdress – £2.55 (free postage). This is subtle enough to be able to wear it all summer, not just for festivals.


Feather headdress – £6.99 (£1.99 postage). Couldn’t resist this – I absolutely love peacock feathers. Hoping it gets here in time for Download Festival next week.

Feather headdress

Just in case, I also ordered a backup from a UK seller! (£7.50, 90 pence postage) Let’s gloss over the fact that my hair looks nothing like that…sob

Peacock feather headdress

I tend not to buy clothes from ebay due to sizing and not knowing if it will fit (such a ballache to have to relist) but you can’t really go wrong with accessories. I’m also currently in a less is more mood on clothes, and all about piling on the jewellery for interest (that’s not to say I’m wearing less clothes, obvs, just plainer stuff that’s the perfect foil for statement accessories). Ebay is such a treasure trove of unusual stuff, and of course it’s always exciting to get a parcel through the post.


Makeup review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

Oh – the pleasure / pain of a new mascara! Dramatic eh?! But oh so true! When you get a shiny new mascara you tend to realise how dried out and past it’s best your previous one was (just me then…) And, more importantly, how wet a new one is! I’ve been using this new (to me – I think it’s been on the market for a while) Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara for 3 weeks, and still I manage to get spider eyelids and smudgy bits (perhaps says more about me than the mascara).


I really like this mascara (that bit should probably be at the end – it kind of sums up the whole review). But here’s why I like it.

Aesthetically, I like the tube. It’s a good tube. Angular so its easy to hold and doesn’t slip out of your hand. Good colour. It’s easy to spot in my make up bag as there’s nothing else that colour in there.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

The brush is made of small rubbery fibres rather than a brush brush. Ever since I first came across the comb style applicators a few years back, I haven’t gone back to a brush, You just don’t get the same coverage. This brush easily wriggles right down to the roots of your eyelashes and gives good smooth coverage all along the lash.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara brush

And the colour. Yes it’s black. But it’s a good black. Very black. Not wishy washy black.

Now, the mascara contains “Grow Lash Complex + Fibres”. I don’t know what that means, but it seems to suggest your eyelashes are going to look bloomin’ great when you use it. That they’re going to be longer than with other mascaras. And whilst I don’t have any actual evidence (how do you measure your lashes? Is there an eyelash ruler I’ve missed out on?) they’re certainly looking better than in a while. I’ve always had good eyelashes (not a CV worthy statement I know, but still a boon to one’s appearance) but recently they’ve been looking a bit weedy and rubbish. Some shorter than others and a little bit sparse. But this mascara has done great things for them.

Eye wihout.Eye with

I also find it doesn’t smudge, flake or end up in a pool under my eyes by the end of the day.

To bring this full circle, I really like this mascara (didn’t I say that a few paragraphs of waffle ago?) And yes I would repurchase. Especially if I can sneak it onto the weekly shopping bill when I’m whizzing round Sainsbury’s (I didn’t do that, husband, if you’re reading).

It retails for around £8 in the usual High Street places.

(and also, how freaky is it seeing my eye close up like that?!)