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Going green

If you’ve happened upon this post thinking it’s something to do with recycling or living a more sustainable life then…soz! It’s actually just a vacuous post about clothes (“just”, she says, as if clothes aren’t part of her life blood!)

I realised recently that I didn’t really have any green in my wardrobe. Then I realised that I wanted some. So, in true shopaholic style, I bought not one but FIVE things.

Have a lookie, why don’t you?

Teal sliders – George at Asda

Asda teal sliders

Crinkle top with white floral embroidery – George at Asda

Asda George green embroidered top

Frill sleeve pearl trim blouse – Everything 5 Pounds

E5P green pearl trim blouse

Floral frill hem ditsy print tea dress – Peacocks

Peacocks green floral dress

Palm print tie waist shift dress (WITH POCKETS!) – Peacocks

Peacocks palm print dress

Are a green wearer? What colour do you have most of in your wardrobe? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


Tuesday Shoesday

Despite not having unpacked all of my shoes from when we moved back in…ahem…May (don’t judge me, we’re having building work done and repurposing rooms, and haven’t sorted all our storage yet), I have been buying them. Because shoes. Shoes are my “thing”. For some people it’s bags, or make up. Mine is shoes.

With no further ado, let me introduce my latest acquisitions!

Black & silver star trainers

Black and silver star trainers

A veritable bargain from Everything 5 Pounds, these cuties have silver metallic laces and are so mega comfortable, I can’t even tell you. I walked miles in them during our weekend in Whitby, climbing hills and steps and slopes galore. Much love for them, and even more for the price.

Pink suede studded buckle boots

Pink suede studded boots

These are from ebay, and again mega comfy. They’re lined in a soft, fluffy, almost fur like fabric for extra cosiness, which will be lovely in winter.

Turquoise pointed deep V heels

Turquoise suede shoes

Via ebay, they’ve had a lotta love over on instagram and in my house (the latter is just me cooing over them, though!) They’re so vibrant and look great with denim and yellow. Totally going to buy them in red, too.

Burgundy biker boots

Burgundy short biker boots

I wear this style of boots all year round, to toughen up girly dresses or with leggings and a big jumper, so they’ll get plenty of wear. I love this colour, I have a lot of stuff in this kind of hue in my wardrobe, so they’ll be most versatile.

Grey western buckle boots

Grey western buckle boots

Love the detail on the buckles on these boots. They’re a lovely warm grey colour, and will probably be easy to trash, so I’ll need to be a bit careful how and where I wear them.

Wine suede buckle boots

Wine studded suede boots

A contender for my favourites, I think. The colour! The buckles! The shininess! All the love.

Zebra ponyskin Chelsea boots

Next zebra print ankle boots

These had a lot of stroking at work, because they’re made of hairy ponyskin and therefore very tactile (also because anyone who complimented me on them got instructed to feel them, whether they liked it or not!)  The husband expressed deep and sincere jealousy that these were for me and not for him (he likes a statement shoe). Mega bargain – £75 reduced to £19 in Next!

What’s your thing? Are you a shoe lover? Bag lover? Everything lover? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


September summer buys

Every year, 31st August makes me sad. As much as I try to deny it, I know it signifies the end of summer.

Come 1st September I develop a sense of bullishness that NO, it’s is STILL summer, and I definitely WILL NOT give in to pre-ordained seasons and the associated expectations, and I will damn well WEAR MY SANDALS.

The last couple of years I’ve taken it a step further, not only wearing sandals but actively still buying them, as though this extra step will in some way push back Mother Nature and her creeping leaf changing and temperature drops. And this year is no exception.

Since getting back from holiday I’ve bought not one but 3 new pairs of sandals! Yep, while most women are getting excited about new season clothes and counting down the hours to pumpkin latte o’clock I’m still buying summer sandals, baring my toes and pretending that we’re heading towards high summer, not the depths of winter.

So, here they are!

Silver crackle lace up gladiator sandals – Everything 5 Pounds

Everthing 5 Pounds silver gladiator sandals

Camo cork sole flatforms – Everything 5 Pounds

Everything 5 Pounds camo flatform sandals

Purple pom pom lace up sandals – eBay

Purple pom pom sandals

This year, for good measure, I’ve also bought some summer dresses, because why not!

Red flounce sundress – H&M

H&M red frill sundress

Snakeskin 2 layer sundress – H&M

H&M snakeskin jersey dress

Blue flounce dress – New Look

New Look blue frill flounce dress

Do you try and cling on to summer? Or are you firmly in the “bring on autumn” camp?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x

A frivolous shoe purchase from Boohoo

I have interrupted the 7 day nature photo challenge with a very important post.

New shoes!

As I get older and socialise less, my need for fancy pants shoes has diminished considerably. I used to wear fancy shoes to work so I at least got to indulge my passion that way, but now I’m in a casual office I don’t do that so often.

The love of shoes is still strong though!

Which is why, when I saw these beauties in the Boohoo sale, I couldn’t not buy them!


Boohoo laceup snakeskin heels 2

I mean, just look!

Boohoo lace up snakeskin heels close up

They’re pretty impractical, and most definitely car to bar shoes, but being a sucker for an animal print as well as a hybrid ankle open toe lace up they had to join the club.

Plus they were only £12.

See how I’ve used my nail varnish to bring out the pink highlight? (you’ll be glad to know that my toenail is growing back nicely, after the unfortunate incident with the bathroom door last year).

Boohoo laceup snakeskin heels

I have a teal nail varnish that I could use to emphasise the green too.

I have no occasion to wear them, so I might create one.

Or just wear them to watch TV.

Are you a shoe lover?

Thanks, as always, for reading!

My final Boohoo bargains

So you’ve seen my Boohoo jewellery, and you’ve seen my Boohoo flares (swoon!) Here’s the round up of the rest of my purchases from the sale.

Boho laid back hippiness with this viscose top. The colours are vibrant without being OTT. This will definitely come to Italy with me. It needs a tight fitting bottom (oo-er) to balance out the voluminous-ness.
 Boohoo bright boho tunic top
Boohoo bright boho tunic top 2
Pointed assymetric heels. I’ve been after a pair of black shoes like this for ages but they’re either not quite pointed enough, or not quite high enough. These are perfect. And a very purse friendly £10.
Boohoo black pointed heels
Boohoo black pointed heels 2
Grey studded belt. I love the heavy buckle detail on this. £4.
Grey Boohoo belt
And finally, a totally unseasonal and, some might say, daft purchase is this coat. It’s not thick or heavy, in fact it’s not lined – it’s more like a soft felt blanket in a dressing gown shape. But I love it. It’s very glamorous and flattering and draped. Will be cool worn with all black in winter.
Boohoo mocha wrap coat 2
Boohoomocha wrap coat
Not that I want to even think about winter right now!

Twit of the Day award…

…goes to the order packers at H&M who, instead of packing my (admittedly very large, but mainly because of their blinkin’ bloomin’ sizing) order into multiple manageable boxes, sent me this:


Which is so big, it did this:


The cardboard handles broke as I tried to lift it, so I don’t know how the courier managed to lug it up the stairs without splitting it further.

Or how he’ll get it back down.

Come on H&M, where’s your common sense?!

Let’s have a (New) Look at sandals

All this sunny weather and feet prettifying is making me think about sandals (although do note, good people of Birmingham and beyond, that just because the sun shines it IS NOT summer, and the unusual yellow thing in the sky does not mean you should be wearing shorts and vests. Be patient, your time will come).

New Look seem to be quickest off the block of my usual suspects, with a veritable smorgasboard of sandal action.

Starting with animal print (because that’s always a good place to start), these are £24.99 each. Now I already have both zebra and leopard sandals, but they are looking a little tired, hmm…. Personally I wouldn’t pay that price for sandals (because I’m a cheapskate) but NL often have a discount code knocking around.

New Look zebra £24.99New Look leopard £24.99

Fringed, at £27.99 each – the lighter ones are spoilt (for me) by the colour of the studs

New look brown fringed - £27.99 New look black leather fringed - £27.99

These probably aren’t for every day (but then again, why not) and perhaps a bit too dainty for me, but they’re very pretty, especially the coral, at a more palletable £17.99 each.

New Look gem embellised £17.99 New Look gem 3 - £17.99 New Look gem 2 - £17.99

Again slightly dressier, trimmed with pearls, £22.99.

New look pearl £22.99

I like the hippy vibe of these; I’d probably go for the white and bright coloured ones, £24.99 each.

New Look 2 £24.99 New Look £24.99

Again very dainty, and probably not offering a lot of support, but a great price of £12.99 (leather too) and I love these colours (they also come in gold, white and pale tan).

New Look Leather plaited 3 - £12.99 New Look Leather plaited - £12.99 New Look Leather plaited 2 - £12.99

I’d be all over these, if only the trim was silver instead of gold (£24.99)

New look disk sandalds - £24.99

And finishing with my probably favourites, as I’m a fan of a more substantial chunky sandal to wear with summer dresses, and especially ankle detail.

These hippie beauties, at £34.99, cough splutter.

New look cuff - £34.99

Lace up, £22.99, offering slightly more coverage for less sunny days.

New Look lace up - £22.99

T-bar ankle strap, £15.99

New Look black t-bar £15.99

Roman gladiator, with leg laces, £22.99

New Look Black leather caged £22.99 New Look Black leather caged 2 £22.99

Traditional gladiator style with added suede tassel detail (the perfect match for my suede bag), AND silver hardware, hurrah! £29.99

New look suede tassel - £29.99

It’s slightly too early to be buying any yet, not knowing what my other fave stores will come up with, but I can definitely see the last pair as part of my summer wardrobe (and I’ve just remembered a New Look gift card I have, yay!)