I love a maxi dress, but clingy jersey ones generally aren’t flattering unless you’re stick thin with no lumps or bumps and seamless underwear. Even worse if they’re plain.

I’ve (fairly) recently discovered an alternative – printed dresses in flowing fabrics like cheesecloth, viscose and chiffon. When I say discovered, it’s not like I created them with my own fair hands or anything! And I’m sure they’ve always been around, just that I’ve never noticed them before.

My first purchase was this Mango one from the ASOS sale.

My Mom’s husband called me Hiawatha. That’s fine by me. I love the ethniticty of the print, the boho string ties and the split at the front. The colours are slightly more muted IRL. I’ve worn it with flat beige biker boots, lace up block heel suede platform boots and pointed toe t-bar flats. It will be great with sandals. It doesn’t need ironing (the best bit!), it comes out of the washing machine all crinkled and just dries that way (the beauty of cheesecloth). It’s perfection in a dress.

Next is this dress of dreams from ASOS.

The print is just everything. It’s hippy, gypsy, rock and roll cool, I adore it. The length of the sleeves is perfect. The length is perfect. The swishy chiffon fabric with a slinky lining is perfect (again no ironing). Unfortunately the dress itself isn’t perfect. It’s a button through dress. Button through dresses have a habit of gaping when you sit down, showing bits of tummy and tits that you’d rather keep covered. Buttons also pop open unexpectedly. So, after 3 wears, I’ve decided this one needs some work. It needs some kind of lining stitching on the inside of the button band so there is no flesh flashing when I sit. It also needs the button holes tightening with a couple of stitches. I need to work out how to make this right, because I already miss wearing it (in spite of the fact one of my close friends called me Margot from “To the Manor Born” when I wore it out. For the younger readers or those outside of the UK, it’s a late 70s TV comedy about an aristocratic couple. It’s not a compliment. Fashion heathen.)

Finally, this one from Matalan.

It does need ironing (boo). I wasn’t sure if it was a bit safe and middle aged so I questioned the husband who said it was. In an act of defiance I wore it anyway! It has high splits at either side and a blouson waistband. Toughened up with some studded leather ankle boots and a chunky necklace I think it worked. I’ll also be pairing it with my knee length gladiator sandals for summer (if it ever comes back). I love the colours and it was a veritable bargain (just £16 and I had a 20% off voucher).

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more dresses of this style, and will be wearing these a lot this summer!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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  1. I must admit I have never owned a Maxi dress. I think the thing for me is that my legs are my most fave asset so I find it hard to cover them up haha. I just don’t think they would suit me either as I am short. They are pretty ones though esp 1st one x


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