Month: January 2016

Review: Dirty Cow Burger Company

I wasn’t aware of the Dirty Cow Burger Company until I spotted a deal  on LivingSocial offering two burgers and fries for a tenner (value up to £22.98). I have to say the location wasn’t particularly appealing  (O Bar on Broad Street, which, for anyone not local, is the bar crawl street that every city has where people get horribly drunk and girls don’t wear many clothes and the police invariably have to patrol the place at 2am every Friday and Saturday). Having said that, we figured that a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would be a fine time to redeem it as most of the usual clientele would be sleeping off a hangover and we could be in and out before the marauding boozers arrived.

Unfortunately, with Christmas, we didn’t make it into town at the weekend and so we were faced with a voucher about to expire and a choice of week nights to enjoy it.

Which is how we ended up on Broad Street on a Thursday night in January.

In fairness, the bar was actually fine. It was pretty empty (by that I mean about 5 other people were in there). It was bloody freezing (not taking your coat off freezing) and the music wasn’t to our taste, but the barman was very helpful and friendly and no-one was stumbling around or being sick from drinking too many shots, which had been our main concern.

I’m painting a great picture, no?

And so to the food, which is what this post is really about. It was good. Very good! The burger menu was extensive with lots of different flavours and combinations, and fries can come as standard or be added to with cheese, chill, bacon or pulled pork.

We went for a Nacho Libre (me) and a Big Brummie (the husband).

The Nacho Libre spoke to me as soon as I saw it – a 6oz burger topped with chilli, nacho cheese, guacamole, sour cream and – wait for it – nachos.

Dirty Cow Burger Company Nacho Libre burger

This genius addition gave the burger crunch and bite, and was also useful for scooping up all the excess chill that oozed over the sides. There was so much topping on the burger that I had to do a KFJ (knife and fork job) – the bun literally couldn’t hold it all together and, unbelievably, my mouth wasn’t big enough to fit it all in! My only slight compliant is that it wasn’t quite hot enough, but that did mean I didn’t have to wait for anything to cool down and could wolf it all immediately.

The Big Brummy is a beast of a burger – three 6oz patties with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and brummy sauce.

Dirty Cow Burger Company Big Brummy burger

Again there was no way this could be eaten by hand and mouth alone and cutlery had to be implemented. But the husband was very very complimentary (and his burger judgement is sound  as they’re one of his favourite menu choices and so he has plenty of  experience).

We went for one regular fries and one topped with cheese. The fries were just perfect. Golden, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and salty. Yum.

Would we go there again? Doubtful. It wasn’t enough of a nice place to tempt us back. But do we regret going? Not at all. We went home with full tums and happy heads. And for 5 quid each you can’t ask much more.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


Going boho with the Asda George sale

I’m a big fan of boho styling but have veered away from it while my hair has been shorter as it just didn’t really work (that sounds really stupid when I put it into words, but I know what I mean).

Now my locks are getting longer, I feel that hippy dresses and floaty tops suit me again.

As luck would have it, Asda had some perfect bits and pieces in their sale which I snapped up!

Embroidered front tie neck blouse – £8

Asda boho blouse

I’ve worn this with leather look jeans and ankle boots, but it will also be perfect with ripped blue jeans or denim shorts and sandals in the better weather

Crochet trim burgundy patterned swing dress – £8

Asda crochet sleeve dress

I wore this with tights and chunky lace up shoe boots to the pantomime (oh yes I did!) but can’t wait to pair it with bare legs and ankle boots or gladiator sandals in summer. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t need ironing, plus the shape makes it a perfect eating dress!

Totally bargainous!

Have you bought any sale bargains?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


Feeling discombobulated

Discombobulated is such a great word. I’m a big fan of great words. Succulent is my absolute favourite word. It’s just so juicy and good, it actually makes my mouth water.


Anyway, discombobulation. That actually isn’t a word (according to my spellcheck). But it’s the state I find myself in at the moment. I’m all at sixes and sevens (stupid saying). Nothing feels quite right.

  • Work isn’t quite right. I feel like I’m failing. Or not excelling. And I don’t know what to do about it. I lack enthusiasm and feel a little bit overwhelmed. I can’t keep playing the new girl card because I’ve been here for 9 months now. But I feel like I’ve lost my creativity and vision. Gone backwards somehow. Not in terms of my job but in terms of my approach. It’s hard to explain.
  • My approach to life isn’t quite right. I have lots of good intentions around eating, cutting down on booze, living more virtuously. But none of them are coming to fruition. I’m struggling to break out of the eat, drink and be merry frame of mind.
  • I’m totally overwhelmed by the mammoth amount of stuff that I own. And how to whittle it down so I can live in the space I have without having a floor-drobe. I’ve had the intention of downsizing my personal belongings for so long now that it’s not even funny. Last year I thought I’d turned a corner with clearing out and Marie Kondo’s approach of “if you don’t love it, get rid of it”. I even blogged about it in an epiphany of “this will change my life”. But I still find myself with bags of stuff to ebay just in case it has some value. And things that I won’t part with just in case. It’s maddening!
  • Death. David Bowie’s death has affected me way more than I thought it would. I’m not a David Bowie fan, as such. I mean I like him and respect him and enjoy a lot of his music. But somehow him dying is really playing on my mind. Everything is changing. Constants that have been there since my youth are changing. Cancer is fucking scary. It killed David Bowie and it killed Lemmy. My Dad has inoperable cancer. It’s too much to comprehend.

I know that all these things are just life. And people deal with all sorts of headfucks every single day. Maybe it’s the combined January effect. Maybe it’s Christmas withdrawals. Maybe I’m just feeling a bit screwy.

But discombobulated sounds better. So I’m going with that.


RIP David Bowie

Shocked and saddened to wake up this morning to find out that David Bowie has died.

David Bowie

I grew up listening to his music as my Dad was a fan. 80s songs such as China Girl and Lets Dance were often on rotation in his car on my way home from school.

It will forever be a regret that I never saw him live.

The fact that he had been battling cancer for 18 months yet still managed to record and release a new album is testament to the strength of character he had as a musician.

And yet again, the ugly evil disease proves that it doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have in life, cancer will strip it from you.

Less than 48 hours ago we were watching Lemmy’s funeral and feeling sad at the loss of a musical legend.

And now another legend has gone.


Sequins, fringing and chiffon – H&M, you ROCK!

Every so often it feels like the fashion planets align and something amazing happens.

That has happened this week, in not one but two guises!

Whilst I’m trying very rather quite hard to buy less clothes (while simultaneously clearing out planning to clear out a lot of stuff I already own) some things just can’t be ignored.

Like sequin trousers. I mean, just look!

H&M sequinned trousersI have a pair of matt silver sequin trousers that I bought in the sale last year and L.O.V.E. I wore them on New Years Eve with a black high neck top and black pointed stilettos and I felt awesome (this is the best picture I have, and yes that’s a foam light sabre type thing).

Me in silver sequin trousers NYE

So why would I not invest a measly £11 in another colour? These are slightly different style; they have a side zip (the others are pull on) and an ankle zip (what’s not to like). I’m just to have them in my wardrobe.

The second thing is this fringe skirt. This is the closest I’ve gotten to a feather skirt, which I’ve never been able to find (and I don’t imagine would be particularly slimming anyway). The fringes are made from a silken shiny thread and swish pleasingly due to their zig zag arrangement.H&M black fringed skirt

I have nowhere to wear it, and I don’t care! Its just fab. And again a total bargain at just £12.

A couple of extras I added to the order just because they looked cute (always dangerous) and now I can’t decide between them and want to might probably will keep both. At £10 each these double layer chiffon dresses are a great bargain and could be dressed up or down. The kind of thing that’s worth having in your wardrobe for a party but could also be paired with flat sandals in summer (the beaded neck trim isn’t too blingy). And the green is quite different to anything else I have in my wardrobe. But the black is too nice to send back. Dilemma.

But 4 amazing items of loveliness for less than £50? H&M, if I was wearing a hat I would take it off to you!

I have to say that H&M really excel when it comes to sale time. I hate it in store, but online is very good. They’ve also improved their delivery time  which used to be quite lengthy, and the return/refund process seems quicker too.

Have you grabbed any H&M sale bargains?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


That’s a wrap!

I’m a huge fan of shawls and wraps for winter months. I drive to work (and everywhere, really!) so I don’t need a big winter coat, and I find that layering suits my needs much better. Winter coats are too cumbersome and hot.

So, my go to solution for the last couple of years has been wearing a mid weight jacket (I have a velvet riding jacket, and a velvet duster coat, or even a lightweight leather jacket) and throwing a shawl over the top. Perfect.

They also double up as an extra layer in the office, which I can wrap up in early doors and then throw off as it gets warmer towards the end of the day (although my boss did refer to one as my dog blanket last year!) Yesterday I was so cold I wrapped it round my legs in a granny style blanket. Cosy!

I bought this one before Christmas, from Matalan. It was £12 and I’ve already worn it loads. I’m always drawn to plummy colours and this works well with my wardrobe.

Matalan plum checked shawl

Last year I had this one too, which is slightly shorter and dressier, which was ideal for a more corporate office. It’s knitted with a crochet edge and feels slightly cape like! I wore it to death, until the trim had started to pull off and it had gone all bobbly. It also comes in cream. Again £12.

One more from Matalan, which they don’t do this year, is exactly the same as the one below, but without a toggle. It’s black with a herringbone trim, and fully reversible on to the herringbone side.

Black herringbone trim shawl

The one shown is from Peacocks current stock and costs £16. The only difference (and I know because I’ve seen it in real life) is the toggle.

I love this one from Peacocks – two looks in one. I’ve been hankering after a tartan one and could be very tempted by this. Must. Not. Buy.

Peacocks reversible check shawl

And also this Aztec cream and blue one which would look great in milder weather with ripped blue jeans and stone fringed suede ankle boots.

Peacocks blue and cream aztec shawl

I received this gorgeous one as a gift from my Mom and her husband at Christmas. It’s a snuggly popcorn knit and very cosy.

Popcorn knit wrap

Here’s me all wrapped up in it – I was freezing!

I ordered both of these from New Look, which are in the sale and down to £18.74 each.

These have the addition of a fur collar and are both absolutely lovely. BUT I don’t really need another one (that pains me to say) and so I returned them. Wah! I haven’t ruled out reordering them if they drop in price further.

This one from New Look is also a good size and colour, at a bargainous £6.

New Look beige blanket wrap

I wasn’t sure if it looked too much like a blanket because it’s completely plain, so that went back too.

(feeling very virtuous, I’m trying ever so hard to be more selective with what I keep from my online shopping sprees for both money and space reasons).

Back to Matalan, who have this knit animal print one (more cardigan/cape like than blanket wrap).

Matalan animal print shawl

And also this ombre one, which would be a good neutral all rounder.

Matalan ombre shawl

Are you a blanket wrap / shawl wearer?

Thanks, as always for reading! x



Eating away temptation

I’m not the kind of person who has much willpower.

Or, mostly, any willpower. I cave incredibly easily in the face of temptation. It’s not one of my better traits.

I can resist everything except temptation

So, while I stated that I was ready to be eating lighter meals in my previous post, it seems I’m not ready to give up the junk just yet. Purely because it’s there.

Plus it seems so ungrateful to waste it! Some of the tasty treats still lingering around were part of our annual goody bag from my Mother in Law, and you can’t throw away gifts now can you?

Therefore the best course of actions seems to be to dispose of them in other ways. Remove temptation. Eat them. Well, if it’s good enough for Oscar Wilde…

The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it

Which is why I ate most of a toblerone on Monday night. A large one. And why I ate a whole bag of Wispa bites last night (not all in one go, if that makes things any better?)

It’s also how I discovered that Original flavour Pringles smothered in Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter is delish.

Somebody stop me!

On the plus side it’s mostly all gone now. Phew!

Unless I start on the husband’s Ferrero Rocher…

Is anyone else struggling to shake off the holiday gluttony?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I think January is a difficult enough time without depriving yourself of something you enjoy (which is generally what resolutions amount to).

New Year's Resolutions

I mean, I’ve just enjoyed 10 days off work eating and drinking and making merry and now it’s January, it’s cold and dark, all the fun bits have gone and there’s nothing to look forward to until Spring. Why would I make that worse by not having a biscuit or a glass of wine? (I’ve had neither today, yet).

I also don’t see the point in setting goals that you know you might fail at, which will then just make you feel crap for being rubbish. Again, why?

Cutting things out can’t lead to anything good. I did dry January once and the first time I had a drink at the end of it I was pissed and asleep on my friend’s sofa within about an hour.

And just the word – resolution – it sounds so harsh and severe!

Having said that, after all the indulgence of the festive period, I am usually pretty ready to start eating more healthily and generally not being as much of a glutton. And I certainly need to lose a few pounds which steadily crept on last year, because I threw caution to the wind from about October onwards!

I do have some “good intentions” which are more around personal experience and comfort than changing myself, but they’re evolutionary processes rather than new starts. Such as cutting down the amount of clothes I own (which I’ve been doing for about, oh I dunno, 5 years now). Wasting less time on mindless stuff on my phone when I could be reading a book (I had some corkers for Christmas). Things that are achievable and can be done bit by bit instead of being a major life change.

And if I do need to do something huge, or cut something out, or do something new, then I’ll do it quietly and in my own way and time, rather than making a big public declaration and then falling on my ass when I fail (notice I say when, not if!)

Today’s achievement – getting out of bed, getting to work on time and surviving the day. That’s harder than eating less than 1500 calories, not having a glass of wine or avoiding the biscuit tin for sure!

Have you made any NewYear’s resolutions?

Thanks, as always, for reading!


Back to reality

Urgh. Depressing as it is the Christmas holidays – the holy grail of time off work that keeps me going when winter creeps in following a summer of fun – is over.

Back to reality

10 whole days of no work and no alarms seem now to have passed in a flash (they haven’t, of course). I feel like I haven’t done justice to all of the food we have in the flat (there’s still soooo much chocolate and I’m sure the tubes of Pringles are multiplying). Worse still, both the husband an I are ill today with a snotty, sore throaty, hot sweaty lurgy. So any plans to make the most of our final day with a boozy roast lunch at the pub were quickly curtailed.

In truth, this is probably for the best. The temptation to eek every last second out of the Christmas holiday is all well and good until it’s time to get up and you realise you have no breakfast in the house, a cumulative Christmas hangover and all of your clothes are too tight.

At least this way I’ve had chance to get slightly prepared.

I’ve lounged about watching mindless TV in pyjamas while simultaneously doing washing and tidying. I went to the supermarket so we have stuff for lunches. Now I’m making a cheese and potato pie – a great idea for using up all the cheese we haven’t eaten, until I realised I had no potatoes so had to go back out. I sound almost domestic!

This is the first day I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in at least 3 weeks (what can I say, I started early) which can only stand me in good stead for tomorrow.

I almost became a New Year cliché in the supermarket filling my basket with ingredients for green smoothies (more on this potential fad another time) and buying vitamin C tablets, but the latter was purely because I’m hacked off with being ill (third cold in two months, I mean come on!)

All that’s left now is to find something good to watch on TV, try not to clock watch and then lie in bed willing sleep not to be evasive – it will be difficult enough to get up early as it is, without being extra tired as well.

Hope everyone’s working week isn’t too arduous!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x



5 things about 2015

Firstly, Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one welcoming it in whatever way you chose.

I meant to post this yesterday but got distracted by procrastinating doing…er…nothing…so although it’s now 2016 and technically I should be looking forward and not backwards, well, tough!

Goodbye 2015

So I woke up yesterday morning wondering how come I was in bed (I got very very drunk on New Years Eve Eve) and whether I was in trouble with the husband for being a pissed up handful (I wasn’t) and between the drunken confusion and not being able to sleep because my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth, I spent a few minutes thinking back about the year and the things that defined it.

So, here they are!

  1. Family. I’m very lucky to be very close to both of my parents. They divorced when I was 21 and I’ve been through bad times with both of them, but we came through the other side. They’re always there for me and, because I’m an only child, they have no-one to compare me to so they think I’m great (kinda kidding here). And, you know, family is so important. My mother-in-law is an amazing woman and I know that when we’re in her company we’ll always have fun. My extended family are fun and close knit and there are times in the past when I haven’t made the most of them. Time is limited and precious and I don’t want to regret not making the most of my folks so in 2015 I consciously spent more time with them, and will continue to do so this year.
  2. My job. I’ll never be defined by my career because I’m strictly of the mindset “work to live” and always have been. But this year I got made redundant (which is cool because I was semi-looking around anyway) and I now work for a company that makes a difference to people’s lives. The ethos is very different to my previous role and I never want to go back to that corporate money making bullshit I was in before; where lies and bad morals are acceptable just to make a buck for the fat cat owners. Plus I get that warm fuzzy feeling hearing first hand from people who’s lives are literally changed. It’s good.
  3. This blog. I started this blog on the day I got made redundant; a knee jerk reaction to change and the thought that I might have a lot of time on my hands! And it’s been great! I wanted to start a blog for a really long time and never got round to it, and I wish I’d done it years ago. I love the writing process, I love the interaction with other people, I love having an outlet that’s mine. Long may it continue.
  4. My hair! Screw the deep and meaningful stuff, my hair has been a pain in the ass for the past year. Totes my own fault for cutting it off, but I needed to do it and scratch an itch and have now learnt my lesson. It’s long all the way from now on! (well, when it finally gets there).
  5. Not seeing friends. Back to the serious stuff. The husband and I totally overcommitted last year, in between holidays, and festivals and weekends away, and other plans. Great as it sounds, we didn’t nurture the core stuff. Friends we haven’t seen enough of. Birthdays missed. Presents not exchanged. Spending 3 weekends in a row in different hotels in different parts of the country because of gigs and weddings and trips. Something to change this year.

So, a retrospective, an introspective, and a goodbye to last year.

How was yours?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x