I try not to eat carbs during the week, purely to compensate for my greedy weekends where I’ll eat anything and everything. In truth all bets have been off recently as I’ve been eating everything and anything with no regard for what day of the week it is or its nutritional content, but that’s an unsustainable attitude (unless I want to buy a whole new wardrobe) so it’s time to start showing some restraint again (urgh). I don’t like giving things up but if there’s a substitute I can use instead I’m generally happy to do that, so when I read about cauliflower rice I was intrigued. Some dishes need a side like rice, something to soak up the juices and add substance but obviously rice is carby and because I have no concept of portion size I probably eat a week’s worth of calories in one dinner.

The first couple of times I tried making cauliflower rice I hand grated the cauliflower, which is time consuming and awkward (grated knuckles anyone?) and the resulting vegetable was very wet. Then I bought a food processor, primarily for this reason and handmade coleslaw (an expensive investment, granted!) which is a much better way of doing it.

With a food processor it’s so much quicker and easier, and the end result seemed better. For some reason the processed vegetable contained less moisture which cooked and tasted better. It’s super easy to do and definitely worth a try.

Remove the centre stalk from the cauliflower and chop into smallish heads.


Make sure you’re using the grater attachment on your food processor and then just pulse the cauliflower heads until they resemble rice like grains.


For cooking I read a tip that it’s a good idea to use a flavoured oil as it will give the cauliflower some depth. I used a splash of stir fry oil which has hints of garlic and ginger, but you could use whatever to match the dish you’re serving it with.

Just heat the oil in a hot wok, add the cauliflower and keep stirring for around 2-3 minutes.


You may want to check the consistency until it suits your palette, I left mine slightly al dente.

All I would say is don’t think this is going to taste like rice. It’s not. That’s because it’s cauliflower. But it is a great alternative when you’re trying to be healthy, and also a good way to get more vegetables in your diet. It tastes good and is a great non carb side.

You could also add peas, chopped carrots and water chestnuts and cook with soy sauce and chilli for an oriental flavour – perhaps add chunks of chicken or minced pork and serve as a main meal.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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