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There are traditions in our home around Christmas films. One is that we (or, more accurately, the husband) start watching them at the end of October, when Movies 24 switches to Christmas 24 at weekends. We love a made for TV Christmas film. There are some shockers, but we’ve seen some great ones. If I was an actor I’d insist on making a Christmas film. So much fun. Although some of them are pretty tenuous – just a storyline that’s set at Christmas. No! We need Santa!

Another is that we watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (the husband’s favourite Christmas film) on December 1st. Plans were scuppered this year when he couldn’t find the remote for the BluRay player. He took it well.

Another one that has to be watched is Home Alone. I always wondered how come the Mom and Dad didn’t realise there was a spare ticket for Kevin when they get to the airport. Then last year I saw this clip of things you may have missed in the film, and it turns out that when Kevin spills the milk the evening before (the incident that gets him sent to the attic room) his ticket gets swept into the bin as the mess gets cleared up. So now it makes much more sense!

(check it out – 1 min to 1.15)

We haven’t watched it yet this year, it’s a Christmas Eve tradition (I’m usually wrapped up in sellotape, swearing and half drunk on wine by this point, bemoaning that I should have started my Christmas wrapping earlier and cursing the husband every time he tells me to shush).

We did, however, watch Home Alone 2, which I’ve decided I prefer out of the two.

On the subject of Home Alone, have you seen this very dark sketch of Macauley Culkin playing Kevin in the future? Well worth a watch and very funny/weird/creepy!

One of the presents I got for my birthday was The Holiday. Which, oddly, I only saw for the first time a couple of years ago when it was on TV in January. A Christmas film in January? It was either a bit late or very early for the following Christmas! Anyway, it’s a new favourite! So we’ll be watching that over the next few days too.

Oh, and The Santa Clause was one of the first ones we watched this year, and is a new entry into the list of “films we must watch every year”.

Controversially, one of husband’s work colleagues said you’re not allowed to watch Christmas films after Christmas Day. Say what? I disagree wholeheartedly. As far as I’m concerned it’s Christmas right up until I go back to work on 4th January, as my eating, drinking and watching habits will demonstrate!

Are there any other films that should be on my list? What are your favourites?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x



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