I may, quite possibly, have the world’s driest lips. Not an accolade I’m proud of, or seeking recognition for. Indeed, if there was a competition I probably wouldn’t enter, because no-one needs to be the world record holder of a manky pout, even if there was a really big trophy.

My lips are generally dry, flaky and not in good condition. My husband sometimes tells me it’s like kissing his Nan. Considering she’s been dead for a good few years I’m not sure what to make of that (or whether he’s a secret necrophiliac). My scabbiness of lip is exacerbated by the fact I have a severe dust allergy, and on a bad day I wipe and blow my nose a lot, which is also rough on the mouth area (not because my nose runs down my face, but because of the geographical connection between hooter and mouth). I realise at this point I sound so unattractive that husband would perhaps be better off with his Nan, in spite of the necrophilia issue (not to mention incest). But back to the lips.

Nothing I have tried over the counter works. Vaseline – nope. Lypsyl – nope. Other derivatives (chapstick, Nivea stick, shops own brand stick) – nope. Carmex – a little, but not really. Various balms and potions – nope. I even bought Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip cream, at a cost 4 times as much as most other stuff I’d tried, but that didn’t help either. I avoid wearing lipsticks because they’re drying, and it’s rare that my lips are in a good enough condition to act as a decent base for lip colour anyway. Gloss is ok, but again I will suffer the following day.

They’re so bad sometimes that I’ve actually been to the doctors to ask for medical intervention. I find it hard to believe that nothing in the shops works. The doctor (helpfully) told me to use Vaseline; my pleas that I’ve tried and it’s failed falling on deaf ears. On the occasion that they’ve cracked and bled in the night, I wonder if people at work have talked amongst themselves as to whether I’m in a violent marriage (this may be a step to far, even for an exaggerator such as me. They’re not quite as bad as I’m making out, but I am, at times. very self conscious. And I miss lipstick).

All hail then new Fruity Shine lip balms from Nivea, in peach and watermelon.


I first bought the peach one about 3 weeks ago – not because I expected it to solve my problems, but because I’m a sucker for new stuff. Also I thought it might give a hint of colour to my lips without being gloopy like a gloss. And, of course, if it helped at all then brill.


It’s a standard lipstick size tube, and I think I paid around ¬£1.49 on an introductory offer. It smells delicious (really peachy, both in the tube and on your lips, if you scrunch them up towards your nostrils, looking good!)). It glides on really smoothly. It gives a very very subtle hint of peachy¬†colour. My lips felt supple and moist but not greasy.


And guess what? It’s made my lips feel scrum-diddly! They feel soft and smooth. They don’t have any dry flaky bits hanging off. There are no cracks. I have a pout to be proud of!

Yesterday I bought the other flavour in the range – watermelon.


The scent on this one is very very subtle, in fact it’s hardly noticeable. But the application is the same and this time gives a subtle pink pout.


I love them! Please Nivea don’t ever ever ever stop making them! I don’t want to go back to snogging like a dead pensioner!


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